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Moon Guard
The old tauren looked down on the injured human, his eyes narrowing against the smoke and smell of death. Nostrils flaring, he snorted with disgust and stood upright to stride away, his heavy hoof collapsing the injured warriors skull as he stepped on it in passing.
Places her hand over her eyes and with her other hand pierce the wounded soldiers heart with her sword. Then closes her eye leads before walking off.

"Unfortunately, more will be joining you."
A great sigh was heard in the wake of the bloodied, haunted battlefield that stained the earth of this exotic land. Before him laid the broken, battered and dying body of an enemy soldier, only mere moments before leaving the physical world in a torment of pain and misery.

Even if he had every right to poke and prod her until her passing for her faction's great infractions against the Alliance... He could not. He would not.

Instead, he kneeled, inspecting her body, making her to watch for any stragglers looking for a free kill. Caked with dirt and sweat, it was obvious that even with proper medical attention, she would never last long. So, with a solemn vow, he pulls out his personal book of spells and incantations, flipping to a page of a sacred rite learned during his travels alongside the Argent Crusade in Northrend, and lessons of the naaru in the Outland.

A somber, dirgeful chanting in his native tongue soon followed, his hands glowing brightly with the glory of the Holy Light as it enveloped the poor soldier's body, rattling and shaking it as a soft moan escaped her lips... only to pass out finally, her spirit freed from her earthly pains into the afterlife, cleansed of sin and dark thoughts. Only a body remained now, ready to be absorbed into the earth, or to be picked up for a proper burial.

He lifted himself once more, taking another spell to consecrate the body and the ground around it, so that no unnatural thing could possess or defile it for a good while. With a gaze about the battlefield and another sigh, he wandered off, content with the knowledge that another soldier, no matter how different they were to his own values, was laid to rest and her soul cleansed for a proper judgement.

Honor, Justice and Diplomacy. To Briswald, these were the tenants of the Alliance, the very foundations which brought together so many. Violence, Hatred and Monstrosity weren't a part of them. They never were.
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"Oh you'll pay for that, mongrel." A grin, gripping the soldier's neck "I'm going to enjoy this, so very much." Throwing her to the ground, Karob unsheathed his blade and dived it into the soldier's legs. Finally he cut them off, throwing them to the side "Victory or death, right?" He proceeds to cut off her hands, taking the torso and tying it to a tree. Finally slicing her arms off with the blade she killed his comrade with. He let the enemy soldier bleed to death.

Stop making us look crazy dawg. Fine, now I give you Dorick's IC reation.

"I will show you my Compassion."

*slits throat*

*moves on to fight more evil*
Kneels down beside the woman as she lays the broken weapon on the ground a few feet away. A single finger raises to her own lips as she silently motions for the woman to stay silent. With her left hand, she covers the woman's mouth to keep her silent while her right hand moves to the mortal wound on her torso. Whispering softly, a healing chant forms on her lips as soft emerald green energies swirl around her right hand. Focusing on the spell, she wills the magical healing energies into the wounded woman to stay the hand of death. After several moments, she checks to make sure that the woman will no longer die from the wound. As she stands up, her index finger returns to her own lips as she whispers a soft, "Shhhh."

As a final gesture before leaving, she picks up the broken weapon, wipes it on her robes to clean it off, then sets it down next to her hand. With a quick wink, Shrilinda runs off to join up with the other survivors, with a promise on her lips.

"They may think it was wrong, but I know it was the right thing to do."
The Human woman quickly sprung upward in her bed in a panic, an audible gasp escaping her lips as she breathed hastily. After taking a moment to regain her bearings, she realized she was back in her home, in the quiet, lovely forest of Elwynn, on her family's farm. She rubbed her eyes and looked out the window as the bright morning sun invaded her room - her brothers were outside, tilling the fields. Her father waved at her. She waved back. Had it all just been one big, terrible dream? But the wars, her family taken from her...had that all just been one heinous nightmare? She could hear her mother downstairs, singing that same song she always sang while she cooked. It smelled like breakfast, with the scent of a freshly-baked pie mixed in for later. Her mother had always been such a brilliant cook. Unable to believe her senses, she jumped out of bed, dressed herself hastily, and made her way down the stairs.

She couldn't believe her eyes. Her mother was there, alive and well, cooking and singing. The sounds were so lively and lovely that they brought tears to her eyes. Old memories of those sounds quickly flooded her mind in vivid detail.

"Mother?" She asked incredulously, her lip quivering at the sight of her.

"Hm? Oh, good morning, Rebecca," her mother replied with that warm smile of hers. "I made your favourite, it'll be done in just a few moments..." she trails off.

Rebecca was unable to contain herself, and in a fit of elation ran over to her mother and embraced her, hugging her tightly as her tears stained her apron.

"Mother, I've missed you so much! It's so great to see you again! And father, and the boys, and-"

"Just a few moments..." her mother interrupted. There was a brief, sharp chill. Then dark.

"Just a few moments..." Aurinaka whispered, her hand resting against the soldier's face, a soft, warm glow of purple, shadowy energy emanating from her palm as she concentrated her efforts on channeling a Mind Soothe incantation, hoping to give the Human one last moment of peace through her fondest memories to take her mind off of her intense suffering. She had still been stirring, but the memories appeared to ease her pain immensely.

As the Human calmed down, a swift Mind Spike ended her pain once and for all, her body limp in the Tauren's arms and the remains of a blissful smile on her face. Auri gradually eased her down to the ground and hoisted herself back up to her hooves.

Aurinaka held the broken blade's hilt a moment - still warm from the enemy soldier's grip. Coagulated blood coated the shattered edge, evoking a slight shudder from the Tauren as she let it fall aside. "Rest in peace," she murmured softly, before going on her way.
If anything seeing B is a neutral player he'll probably give her someone to dilute the pain and help her pass peacefully and quickly.
Curiosity and adventure had dragged Elivina to the unexplored island. She had expected to find new animals and plant life, not broken bodies and burned carcasses strewn around her. But alas, that was the way of the Alliance and Horde. She held no ties to either side, preferring to do as she pleased.

She carefully waded her way through the dead soldiers, eyeing her surroundings for anyone wishing to attack her. Her wolf padded behind her, growling and yipping at things Elivina did not see nor hear. She paused and turned to the wolf, “Shush, Thor, such a racket will attract unwanted attention. The plan was to make it past the fighting people, not drag them to us!”
At the edge of the battlefield Elivina grinned, she had made it past without a single scratch. She let out a laugh, what a wonderful story she could tell to others later. She stepped forward and tripped, over what she did not know. Letting out a groan, the hunter quickly stood up, peering at the ground for the object that caused her fall. Not an object she quickly realized, but a woman.

Elivina frowned at the woman, kneeling down to examine the fallen soldier. It was clear the lady was on her way to the afterlife, not even a priest could help her now. Elivina gently picked up the blade, twirling it in her hands. Such a shame, she thought, so many lives lost over nothing. She swiftly made a hole in the ground, shoving the cursed blade into it. The blade was hidden in a matter of seconds; it would not be used to kill again.

She rolled the Kaldorei onto her back and propped the woman’s head up with a hand. “Look,” Elivina pointed a finger at the sky, “Elune is watching over you. You are not dying because she is punishing you, but because she wants you next to her. Do not leave this world hating the people around you. We are not all bad, I am Sin’dorei and yet I am helping you.” She offered a smile, one that was not returned by the Kaldorei. She shrugged and stroked the woman’s blood matted hair. She was not fazed by the ladies coldness; war turned your heart into stone and reasoning to dust.

As the elf drifted closer to death, her eyes turned to Elivina. The Kaldorei’s eyes held years of sorrow and fear, hopelessness and loss, and yet deep inside of them was gratitude. The elf gave a curt nod, before taking a shaky last breath and fading away.

Elivina stood and shook her head, tears glistening on her face. “May Elune light your path,” she whispered and set off into the jungle. The wolf trotted happily after her, oblivious to the dead elf on the ground. Thor was just happy to be away from the loud battleground.
Drakl kneels beside the fallen soldier.

"You've fought bravely. Your ancestors will be proud."

Drakl stands, and unsheathes his axe.

Danyl would just cleanly slit her throat with his dirk and go about his business.
A swift death, either by cutting her neck clean through or magically.

She likely fought valiantly for her people, and that alone deserves a merciful killing blow.

This would apply for both Bruce and Lortar.
McSars examined the blade thoughtfully, then threw it away out of the orc's reach.

"Filthy blackblood." he rumbled. He spat upon her face, and she growled weakly in rage. "All of you will get what's coming to you, just like this." With that, Anduin Lothar's bastard son stood and strode away, leaving the orc to die a slow, agonising death.
Durimn grips the still warm handle of the blade tightly, scowling beneath the mask that conceals most of his bearded face. Swiftly, he swings the knife upward across her face; precision wasn't necessary on a foe in this critical of a condition. He scolds the now limp corpse before continuing into the dense forest ahead.
*From the perspective from my Sin'dorei Argent Monk. Sadly I can't make her yet.*

Looking down at the injured human alliance soldier, the Monk shook her head in disgust, not at the human, but at the war itself. So many lives lost in this conflict, yet the only real line of defense for Azeroth were these same people from the Alliance, the Horde, and the other major independent factions. She kneels to inspect the wound, while also identifying herself to the soldier.

"Be at ease, soldier. I'm a member from the Argent Crusade. Do you wish to be healed? Or do you wish to be left alone? I will not force anything upon you."

The human soldier was relieved to know she had a chance. She'd mutter about her family to the Monk, albeit faintly, though the Monk understood her case. Channeling the positive energy of chi thanks to the training from her Pandaren master in recent times, she used the energy to help stabilize the soldier's injuries as best as she could, though the human was still recovering from the sheer shock of being near death. Helping the human back onto her feet, she'd hold her to help support her walking, preparing to escort her away.

In return, the human soldier was grateful for the Argent Monk's service. They had an exchange of words while the Monk escorted the human to a safer area, allowing the Monk to learn more about this mystic land. Once the soldier was safe, the Monk would offer her a drink from the whole ordeal, demonstrating expertise in the art of brewing ale.

The Argent Monk would then continue her journey throughout Pandaria....
"Our passion must not turn to bloodlust," Ironholde intoned as he stood over the dying orc. Grimly, he began to channel the light into her body, bolstering her spirit and healing her wounds. He would redeem this one.

As her strength returned, she snarled, as if trying to goad him into striking her down.

"No, you shall not be the granted the honor of a swift death. You're coming with me to Ironforge. There, you will live a very very long time."

He gripped the orc by the scruff of her neck and hauled her onto his gryphon.
Nyli kneels down next to the dying soldier, her eyes open wide while she caressed a cheek.

"I hope you don't mind, but I just simply do not have time for a death scene like this... I must reach level ninety! More epic loot awaits me my dear, farewell!"

And with that the Rogue skipped along merrily to the quest giver nearby with a giant shiny exclamation point floating above their head.

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