[H] <Tragic Miscalculation> is LFM for raids

Guild Recruitment
We are Tragic Miscalculation on Kil'jaeden, experienced raiders with a proven track record of progression and are looking for several members to form a steady 10 man guild with endgame in mind. We took a break during the Firelands patch and are ready to come back and get back at the heroic fights we so desperately miss.

We need more DPS, and an off healer/DPS, to even us out. If you have prior raid experience with heroic mode fights please leave us your app or contact Adestraberry, Xthundertaker, or Jaroon in game via whisper or mail.

We are looking for:
Frost/Unholy DK
Ele/Resto Shaman

But we are very open to all, so please ask.

Our raid times:
Tuesday/Sunday 7:00pm to 11:00pm server time

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