MoP Server Queue Times

Hey guys,

I thought I'd take a break from all the guild recruitment going on to make a thread about peoples estimates for queues and stuff tonight.

I know for cata we hit over the 3k mark, resulting in a minimum of 2-3 hours in queue at some points, but there have been some changes to the game since which could decrease this.


1. Game population has gone down
2. People dont have to relog to apply expansion so less people logging in at once

Regardless, I'd like to hear the community's thoughts (for want of a better word) on what we are likely to expect.

(Also, <Srs Business> recruiting, aussie guild with like 6 members and virtually no benefit to you aside from my charming personality - so no real benefit)
I just hope the queues won't be long. I really just want to get in, make my Panda and level up quickly as possible.

A lot of people have quit, but my guild's activity today had over 20 people online waiting, when there hasn't been anyone logged in for almost 4 months since we took an official break from WoW until expansion time.

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