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Anyone else notice this ?

DVD Envelope opens on the right hand side.

Some bright spark decided to put the authentication key sticker on the right hand side as well with the bottom edge aligned with the right hand side of the envelope.

So if you were holding it up to read the authentication key sticker the DVD may possible fall out the bottom as this makes the envelope opening on the bottom.

Slight annoyance but still a little sloppy. Had the same thing for the D3 DVD envelope.

Anyone else experience this ?
Hrm. Mental note: ANZ "Bright Spark" = US "Dim Bulb".

09/25/2012 02:42 AMPosted by Tiapriestess
Hrm. Mental note: ANZ "Bright Spark" = US "Dim Bulb".


I could of used "Uncle Artha" to be even more obscure :P

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