[H] Slaughterhouse - We Want YOU!

Slaughterhouse is looking for more members to join our ranks.

Are you looking for a fun, adult-oriented environment to enjoy World of Warcraft? Do you have a foul mouth and/or a dirty mind? Are you more of a night owl when you play WoW?

If so, then we're looking to share our conquests with you!

-We run a 10 man raid team and raid Sunday and Monday nights from 10pm-1am server time.

-We are currently looking for a plate wearing tank and a mage or warlock to round out our raid team.

We're not hardcore and are looking to casually progress through Mists of Pandaria with a solid core of mature, dedicated individuals. We do take raiding and progression seriously, and you won't be berated for messing up. We will theorycraft and work with you.

This is a game and it should be fun. That is our main belief.

We are level 25, offer the usual guild perks and use Mumble for all of our interactions. All of our guild events start around 10pm server and we try to squeeze in as much fun as we can each week.

We like to dabble in other things, too, if that's more to your liking. We love to pvp and we like to run old raids and instances for achieves, titles, mounts, pets and transmog gear.

If this sounds like an environment you'd like to be part of, please feel free to contact me in-game Gobstomper and Orcofdeath - and please check us out at slaughterhousezj.enjin.com
We are having a special right now! If you join you will receive : Great guild mates, always entertaining G-chat (18+ only kthx), and a close knit environment. So join now, for free! I'll even throw in a 15-mins with Gobstomper in heaven coupon!
I like that. Do it for the coupon, people!
Hey I am looking to xfer one of my toons off of frostwolf to a guild that raids sunday monday late night, if you are interested in a 7 year veteran of shaman/warrior/rogue then message me in game or on here :) realid= langebryan@yahoo.com

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