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I hope Machkhan is still keeping an eye on this post...because I'm having the same problem.

I, too, have a very limited internet 'gigage' each month (8 gig wireless broadband is all we can get in the sticks).

Was a good girl and uninstalled all my WoW files, double checked the system to make sure nothing was skulking around, did a system clean up, added my game key to my account, then put in disc 1...

...which took an hour to install 0.3%...then it asked for disc 2.

I put that in and it took another half an hour to get to 0.4% install...and it's been sitting there ever since (another 20 minutes).

I'm on a pc, Win XP & Chrome.

*Edit: never mind. Just read OP's update, and as mine has just hit 5% and the process has been the same as his, I'm assuming all will go well at 6%.
Its only doing this on one of my systems.

The one I am having issues on is a Macbook Pro early 2010 model. 2.66ghz i7, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd.

I thought I was having issues with my optical drive so I made images of the dvds on the other macbook (2009 2.4ghz core 2 duo, 4gb ram, 256gb hdd, 5400rpm drive)

Even installing using the images, I am still having issues. I got a error earlier, going to try again, will post a screen shot in a few.
"Sigh" I return to Wow after 2 years and ..guess what.... I think I need to wait 2 more years fro MoP to install....
Well, excited about the new expansion. Get the DVD's as i have everytime. Old school BETA player - and need to load as a surprise for my son. Hit install on DVD's and ignorres them and starts a 20GB download...Thats insane.
I've been staring at my DVD player for 15 minutes and it has not been accessed a single time. So I am now hitting the eject button to see if it changes at all..... lets see... i am treally pissed and confused. I expected it to STOP or at least slow way down. It appears to have actually sped up. Went from 500MB - 1GB rate to a minimum of 1.98GB. WAIT, now it goes dead..does a file check that the DVD is there and pauses\fails. Reinsert the dvd and it starts again once it checks them. but FAILS to access and goes back to internet download.

Guess thats part of the reason i paused my account, sloopy, sloopy.
DVD means ..load DVD, THEN do small or required update.
I have a decent connection but I'm at 1 hour and only 24%
Guess that helps explains the subscriber reduction....
10/05/2012 08:15 PMPosted by Soulripper
Well, excited about the new expansion. Get the DVD's as i have everytime. Old school BETA player - and need to load as a surprise for my son. Hit install on DVD's and ignorres them and starts a 20GB download...Thats insane.

Yeah that's really odd.

It *should* be copying 19 GB from DVDs and not downloading anything.

Try stopping the installer and restarting to stop any errant Agent/Launcher processes.

Then once restarted go into Mac HD -> Users -> Shared and deleting both the Blizzard & folders.

Then try the install again and it *should* be copying from the DVDs

Once it's at 5.0 it should start a 1.4 GB download to update you to 5.0.5 . DVD doesn't have the latest version on it but it's a lot better then 20 GB :P
This is something we're investigating. Thanks for the report.
I too have the same problem, plus another. I got the collectors edition and I popped in the DVD disc 1. It goes to 0.3% and it sloooooooooooooooooooooows. I say slow because there's something going on with the HDD otherwise the light wouldn't be blinking.

So I try with launcher as I had everything up to cata installed. I also would get that message file failed to download (or something like that) check internet settings and try again.

I don't get it, everything is working. My HDD isn't even a year old. I KNOW it's no problem on my end. If this doesn't get fixed, can I get a refund for that collectors edition? :)
What happened when you just use the digital installer from
I'm downloading the game client right now from
Just using the digital installer I am finally downloading. This might be the best and easy fix to this problem.
OK, so here's what I did in more detail. I removed everything there was to remove when it came to World of Warcraft on my comp. I thought about reinstalling from the discs but I figured with the MoP discs not working it would take me twice as long. So, I just decided to delete everything and download the World of Warcraft game client. So far so good. I'll reply to here when (if) it's done.
Following the same steps as Skrish.

Currently downloading the game client from

At the current time, my game disks are useless. Curious as to what I can do to get functional game DVD's?
Following the same steps as Skrish.

Currently downloading the game client from

At the current time, my game disks are useless. Curious as to what I can do to get functional game DVD's?

Well, it did work, but I share in this same question. What was the whole purpose of buying the collector's edition if the discs don't work? I ran Star Wars The Old Republic without any problems. I try coming back to WoW and now I get problems. I'm really hoping I didn't overspend my money just to get all the collector's edition features.
I was having problems also trying to install mop as it seemed to always want to download from update server instead of game dvd's. I figured the installer was confusing itself due to previously installed wow files so when i read mop dvd's contained "data for all world of warcraft content" i deleted wow folders on pc now she is installing fine from dvd's, if a little slow.
Just an update seemed to take a while for me too but when install got to about 10% it jumped to update server for a 1.5gb download and hey presto fanito! Freaking awesome ;)
The DVD's work and don't download anything that isn't already on the dvd's. Just be patient and it will work eventually.

It's just confusing as to what the install is actually doing as there is little feedback and it is as if the internet crawls at the start, then jumps at a certain point.
Dear blizzard,

look, i don't know whats going on with you guys these days, firstly, it was the fail launch of diablo 3 and every bloody patch after, i had to manually apply for diablo 3...

gave up wow and d3 for many months now, i decided to come back to check out mists, because EVERY expansion installed easily! - i have been playing wow since vanilla troubles, no fuss, easy install and update...

but what is going on with you guys now?? like seriously i think you guys need to pick up ur game a little....u guys were awesome back then!! and since I'm pretty sure you guys are not UNDER -funded, you guys should be giving back to the community by thinking what a customer wants...

i am sorry if this is upsetting anyone, but this is what i truly think....


I'm having this same issue.
Bought the discs to avoid a massive download, so would rather not download the installer. Since the only internet i have is pre-paid wireless and would cost me a fortune.

Any fixes yet ?
Glad that you have to have an internet connection to install the game. You had to do the same damn thing with Sc2 and force people to play online, and now you're forcing people to have an internet connection to download files for an install that you would think, should already be on the "installation disks".

Bought this new expansion to come play with a friend, and already I'm regretting it.

So now i get to wait for another 2 days just for the install to finish.. then wait another 2 days to patch with my !@#$ty 150 kbps internet, amazing way to wonderfully %^-* anyone with slow internet, or rather just screw everyone trying to install the expansion.

I'm not even trying to do this from a fresh install, I had cata fully patched to pre mists before it came out and yet it still takes this long.

!@#$ty you can't just return pc games otherwise i would have taken this back to the store for a refund.
Hey all not tryin to do blizz's job or anything but for anyone that cares the "Slow" install is actually just a bit of inneficient code within the launcher regarding the progress indicator, as i noticed the same thing and was a little concerned - 5gb dl limit here

From what I could tell the 0.XX % progress indicator is due to the fact that from disc one it copies the compressed file across which is a good 7+ gig and then again with the second disc.

The way the launcher sees it is when it can recognise the files in its reference extract, which it can only verify as it is all extracted after the copy of the compressed file.

And since it can only extract after all the compressed data is present the 0.xx % indicator you see is actually just some other files being copied across with the compressed data.

Once the compressed data extracts then the installer sees the files and verify's and correctly shows the progress.

The only data downloaded is that which has been released since the launch, at time of writing a bit over a gig.

Hope that alleviates anyone worried about the launcher dragging the full XXgb down, it doesnt, all is good, theres no need to worry about limits if you have at least 1.5gb behind ya.

Relax enjoy :)

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