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Earthen Ring
I've been here since the beginning. I was syf in frostwatch with luddite anolyn hambone. Then moved to horde as Jarvie, realugly realkiller jarves and a few more. To bad my syf account was lost when I took a few month off to move
Boomkin (balance) since wow launched. God its been forever. Good to see some old faces around in this thread
Started on Earthen Ring on Day 1. Over the years I've taken quite a few breaks (just got back from my most recent one which lasted over a year). I also transferred off for a year to Executus but came back for awhile. I never made waves though so I doubt too many people remember me.
Been here since 1st week of release. Typically on Horde as Kalere or Velar till recently. Now just my priests get playtime when I'm not annoyed at the game.

Hmm - Who do people know me as these days?


Take yer pick. That be me.
This was my first realm when the game was first released. Left to follow friends on Sentinels, just recently came back and in the process of paying 4 billion dollars to move all my characters over.

I'm so sorry I left, the community here really rocks my socks.
I've been on this realm since mid BC (not as awesome as these vanilla peeps) but still I have my load of memories from past guilds. I used to go by Voroscus until up to Cata if anyone knows me by that name. :o. Mmm in order of guilds ive been in Dark *something* i cant remember the name->M L N W -> Jagermonsters -> Rebirth -> Second to none -> Corvus -> Catch Phrase (i spent quite a long time in first 3 guilds) 1 of which is still going strong :D
Been here since beta. Still in the same stuff I was in when I transferred to the EU servers. Was also Aleya, in Regnat Populus and before that, High Guard.
I was around back then, though that was Horde. I'd since moved off server and came back. Thunderhorn Warparty, Ragefury Legion, Blacktooth Grin and Vile Smile, all that jazz.. *Raises cup* Long Live Snugglebuttons
Been here since March 2007, so six years. :) Never left this server! Took some lengthy AFKs though so I missed ToC, Arthas, and all the Pandaria content prior to ToT. These days I'm busy with being the officer of a scrappy little guild. When I have time I'm leveling my pally Sherrinford horde side (still in SR!).

ZEE still exists in some form but I only play sporadically due to real life and most the time on alts, but none of that even matters if no one can remember me.
Newer players will know me as Harbaine I guess but all I ever really did as Harbaine was goof around and act like a idiot, so that might not be good at all.
Lootar reporting in.

But no one knew who I was anyways....

January of 2005 here.
And I even got him restored from my old account.

Aw yiss.
I've been around since ~May 2005 with a few breaks for deployments and the train wreck that was Cataclysm content.
Started on Aggramar 2/2005, but moved over to ER at the start of burning crusade and have loved it ever since!
I've been around since early 2005.

Got a few server firsts with Tempora Heroica back in the day. Rerolled Horde and played in another server for a while, but came back to ER for late Cata.
Came here a few months after the server went live. I have made many escape attempts. But, like the mob, ER keeps pulling me back in. :)

It was either October 06 or 07. Honestly, I can't remember. I still have my first character. Skittsoii; gnome mage. I didn't play very often. I came back in July 2010 as a Bloodelf Mage on Bloodhoof. My guild was The Death Guild. I'm not sure what happened to them. Does anyone know?

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