Where is the PvP vendor?

Where is the lvl 90 gear pvp vendor?
You have 89 more lvl's before having to worry about that... j/k :)

but I don't know, I haven't found him yet either.

I'll Google it

this should cover it.

I didn't realize but that's from the beta forum

Here is what it says...

Just a quick correction:

The Alliance PvP Quartermasters can be found on the wall separating Valley of the Four Winds from Dread Wastes. The northernmost part of the wall which is still in the Valley of the Four Winds Zone.

The Horde PvP Quartermasters can be found on the wall separating Kun-Lai Summit from Townlong Steppes. About halfway between the Ox Gate and Shadow-Pan Fallback.

The Alliance Flight Path is called The Lion's Redoubt (in VotFW), the Horde's is Hellscream's Fist (in TS).
they are on the great wall in mop gl as idk if they are active but i did run by them same ones from beta
I have gotten a lot of questions as to where the PvE and PvP vendors are, so I made an easy to fallow video on how to get there. Hope this helps everyone :)

PvE Vendor:


PvP Vendor:

Don't listen to these guys. They are trolling you. The pvp vendors for both horde and allies are in Arathi Basin. The horde ones are at Hammerfall and the Ally ones are at Refuge Point.

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