<Redundancy Team Squad> is lfm, join us!

Hello! We are <Redundancy Team Squad>, a social, fun and family-oriented guild started by a group of friends that is looking to expand. We promote a very supportive environment and are always ready to help each other out while having fun raiding and leveling. We're hoping to recruit some people who will come level with us in MoP!

We have vent/guild repairs and other bonuses for members and will be frequently running dungeons/heroics/challenges/pet battles. We're excited about the new content and are looking for people who will be active and join us to have fun with the new expansion, regardless of level/class/spec.

Due to members going into retirement in the middle of the DS patch, we do have spaces in our 10-m raid roster. At the moment, we are looking to level up together through Pandaria but will want to form a cohesive raid team ASAP, so if that is something you are mainly interested in, this would still be a great guild for you! Raid times for MoP will be W/Sun, 5pm server, although this would be open for negotiation if there are days that work better for us as a team.

We're hoping to recruit members who will level with us and take an active role in the guild.
Let me (Voldybear) know if you have any questions or would like to join!

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