Battle Pet buy/sell thread #1

With the ability to cage pets from your pet journal and sell them to other players, we have the ability to sell pets that have been BoP for years, learn a pet on one server and sell it on a different server without need of transferring, and even sell TCG pets more safely as the need for giving out the code is no longer required.

Just as well, when a pet is caged, it retains it's level. This also opens up a new market for pet battlers who wish to bypass the 1-25 training process.

Use the following format:

[Pet Link] - level - price.
Battletag/contact info.
Additional info.


I got a Dragon Kite for sale as well as every single minor tcg pets (the ones under 20$), as well as many other rare drop pets/ in general hard to come by pets

taking offers

add me on real id:
Rocket Chicken Level 1 - 250k
Banana Charm Level 1 - 250k
Ice Chip Level 1 - 50k
Snail Shell Level 1 - 50k
Captured Flame Level 1 - 10k

Want to trade...
(No prices because I don't want gold)


Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) Level 1
Grell Moss Level 1
Giant Sewer Rat Level 1
Mojo Level 1
Clockwork Rocket Bot Level 1
Lump of Coal Level 1
Toxic Wasteling Level 1
Fox Kit Level 1
Cat Carrier (Black Tabby) Level 1
Sprite Darter Egg Level 1
Tiny Shale Spider Level 1

Also have virtually every other cageable holiday pet, including Lunar Fest & Children's Week, all the common raptor hatchlings, most Archeology pets (sorry, no claw), Elementium Geodes, Phoenix Hatchling, White Kitten, Misc Profession Pets and loads of other more common stuff. Feel free to ask.


Darkmoon Rabbit

Azure Whelpling
Gundrak Hatchling
Disgusting Oozeling

Hippogryph Hatchling
Dragon Kite
Tuskarr Kite
Banana Charm
Soul-Trader Beacon
Rocket Chicken
Spectral Tiger Cub

Level is unimportant.

Battletag: Tweak#1477

Note: Will only trade my Macaw for Darkmoon Rabbit or possibly one of the TCG pets (But it would depend entirely on which one). It's my rarest pet, so I don't want to let it go easy, sorry. Everything else I'm fairly flexible mixing and matching. Prefer 1 to 1 trades of one pet for one pet.

I've been a pet collector since launch day and these are all to fill holes in my own personal collection, not to resell. For whatever it's worth, they're going to a good home. :P

I realize most of my want list is pretty rare or expensive, so I'd be happy to just get Azure Whelpling, Disgusting Oozeling and Gundrak Hatchling, if nothing else.

If anyone is interested, hit me up!
cool idea good luck pokemasters
To put soul trader up... or not to put soul trader up... hmmmm....
I have a Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) (the epic one)
Crawling Claw gold only dont want to swap
Tweak you do realize Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) isnt that rare. 25k max. Ive seen it as low as 8k
I am selling
Porcupette 30k

Landro's Lichling 100k
Similar thread on battle pet forum
Interested in trading for a Darkmoon Rabbit. Have a number of TCG pets I'd be able to trade for it, but it would have to be a pet:pet trade as I'm not transferring to buy with gold.

Add Labyrinthe#1882 to discuss it if you're interested.
Selling a dragon kite for gold or trading for tcg items etc on barthilas only.

Imbued Jade Fragment - Level 1 - Taking offers.
Battletag: Amadis#1953
Willing to level the pet for you depending on the offer.
Have for sale on horde Mal'Ganis.

Viscous Horror (25)
Crawling Claw (25)
Spectral Tiger Cub (25)
Landro's Lil' XT (25)

Add me to realID and we can discuss.
02/03/2014 06:27 PMPosted by Whoopie
Have for sale on horde Mal'Ganis.

Viscous Horror (25)
Crawling Claw (25)
Spectral Tiger Cub (25)
Landro's Lil' XT (25)

Add me to realID and we can discuss.

There's a Pet Battle Forum now. You'll probably get better results posting over there.

ps. necro'ing super old threads is a no-no on these forums.

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