@lvl 42: doing something wrong

I took out of the shelf my old elemental shammy lvl 42. Now, while solo questing (in Eastern Plague Lands), killing regular mobs my level it is taking too long: I open with lava burst followed by flame shock then cast lighting bolt til mob dies. I am using the searing totem and flametongue weapon. And yes I spec Elemental. Basically I have time to cast another flame shock after the DOT of the first has ended. I must be doing something wrong. Not a few months ago just casting 3 or 4 LB would kill regular mobs my level. What I am doing wrong?
well casting Lava burst before flame Shock is one thing..
in order for lava burst to not hit like a wet noodle you must have flameshock on the target..then it is a garunteed critical hit...
I have noticed a serious problem with this as well. I'm not entirely sure what happened. My guess is that the numeric equation for our nukes are scaled to level 90 and somehow messed up at lower levels. After the patch, I have heard a great many people say that Elemental is terribly low damage now, about half to 2/3 as much as other classes. I realize that the xpac just hit and that everything is scaled for 90 now, but that is only a part of the game. Leveling should not be this tedious or frustrating.
My damage pre patch on my level 14 shaman was almost double what it is now. Scaling is off or something. Sucks. Resto pvp till 80+ I suppose.
reading your spells will help, you can't cast lavaburst before fs because the dot enhances it
for those saying ele has low dps, no it they do not my 87 ele shaman does well on the dps meters against every class and for dps on aoe fights ele destroys all other classes
I am grateful to know that our damage will finally be good once we get to level 85+. However, this is about the damage of lower-level shamans. What we are concerned with in this post is that leveling is very difficult for a shaman because it seems the scaling of our spells is very bad at the moment.
This is very true our AOE damage is insane at later tiers(80+) and we do decent single target, more so once we get ascendant form I assume.

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