[BUG] Zen Alchemist Stone doesn't proc.

Bug Report
Not sure if this is for agi users only as I can't test strength or intellect, but I presume it's the same.

The proc simply doesn't work, ever.

Edit: Correction, it does proc, but seems only once every 8 - 10 minutes?
I got the Strength version and I got some weird result too. I did a lot of test tonight with it and I saw it proc 3 times in a row with an ICD between 55 and 60 second but sometimes it just won't proc for like 5 minutes. Trinket works fine with an ICD of 55~ seconds and out of nowhere it will stop procing for 5+ minutes so I suspect a bug too.
Same issue here. Proc'd once in a 10 minute test session.
I got the same problem, but after questing for 30+ mins no proc. I went back to org and attack the target dummy for 15mins, no proc. Next I was wonder if it was shareing a CD with landslide or something. I used weapns with no chants and still if or no proc. Long sotry short after about 45 mins I did not get one proc.
Also have not seen this item proc as of yet.
Im getting same result. I havent seen it proc yet and ive had it for almost 24 hrs now.
yeah, proc rate needs to be adjusted
str one procs a lot so it's not bugged for me but only my plate wearers are alchemist warrior and this one. so can't test agi out. it's nice dps buff though <3
Mine procs all the time, especially when I'm out of combat and just have self-buffs ticking away.

I see it proc regularly as it should.

For me at least. I have intellect proc.
I saw it proc once while questing, but after extended dummy whacking I'm not seeing it happen anymore.
How did you guys make this? I am 600 alchemy and i have yet to learn how to make the new self flask and this trinket. Do you learn the spell in the new city? bc I leveld all the way up in org on my 85 rogue
I've done some more testing, and it appears that it procs more frequently when I heal (myself) and on mobs the same level as me (wouldn't proc on low level dummies, or on a friend I was hitting who is level 90.)

This leads me to hypothesize that it can only proc when the damage or healing dealt is done so on an equal level mob or player.
Very annoying but it only procs when I bandage, never when I am in combat.
09/27/2012 12:19 PMPosted by Vincerus
How did you guys make this? I am 600 alchemy and i have yet to learn how to make the new self flask and this trinket. Do you learn the spell in the new city? bc I leveld all the way up in org on my 85 rogue

The stone is the reward from a quest now, that is started from a random world drop. I had mine drop from a Tigerfly in Jade Forest doing some of the intro quests.

There is no new self flask, but if you look, they buffed the stats from the existing one. It used to be +80, now it is +320.

And to the OP, I have had regular procs from the stone as Balance, but I will have to pay more attention to see what the ICD appears to be.
mines procing every min as lock so fine my end
According to:


the alchemsit trinket should be working now.
Yeaaah, I've seen mine proc once and it took a good 10-15 minutes of smacking around a dummy. Seems the hotfix didn't quite do the job.

Edit: Went an entire BG without seeing it proc. Got out and it procced every 60 seconds or so on mobs in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Tested it on a dummy after doing 1 quest, procced every 2 minutes for a total of 4 procs then went back to not proccing at all...
This trinkets starting to play with my emotions ):
anyone have the spellid for the procs?
then can throw it up in proculas to track
Just wanna toss this into the mix:


I'll be the first to admit it's not remotely an intricate, exhaustive series of tests, but for me at least, this thing is still performing a lot more poorly than advertised.

The gist (results of some testing in Assassination spec): Proccing on Rupture ticks, Recuperate ticks, Dispatch and Envenom. Not autoattacks, not Mutilate, not Deadly Poison, not Leeching Poison. Went as few as ~58s between procs with Rupture or Recuperate running, but also as much as 2+ minutes.

As it stands, this trinket is worth as much as, or maybe even less than, the rogue-friendly heroic dungeon trinket drops. Which may well be as intended, but definitely ain't what the tooltip suggests.

Sakurazuka, for me the spellID appeared to be 60233, but that may be specific to the Agility buff.
yeah the proc seems to be really really inconsistant, I too have had it short as a min between proc, and other times entire long fights between.

procs in general seem to need to be adjusted for casters at the moment

thanks for the agility one

the spellID for the intel one is 60234

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