On Dragons and the Nightmare in the Dream

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Hey guys.

So, I was thinking about this the other day and wanted to know what everyone's thoughts on it were.

Currently there's corruption happening in the dream probably from N'Zath, and probably spreading. The dream, as I'm sure you are all aware, is a spiritual realm that exists in and over our current physical realm. Two are forever linked and damage in one directly affects the other.

Ysera was tasked with the protection of this dream as caretaker, yet has given up her aspect power along with the other dragons. So now we've got...a problem I would garner.

I'm sure Malfurion is on it, doing whatever he does, but does this seem alarming to anyone else?
At the present time the corruption was pushed back in the Stormrage novel that was between Wrath and Cata. Basically malfurion and all those that got sucked back in managed to turn the tide and push it back to the Rift of Aln i think its called (?)

The present state of the Nightmare and now N'zoth who likely take full control over it later (had Xavius do it till he died again) means it is going to probably be PISSED off XD

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