Best leveling spec

I'm doing the dps spec with boa shoulders chest and maces seems pretty sweet anyone else like a different set up?
Brewmaster is nice until you get Rising Sun Kick for Windwalker.

Personally I'd recommend Windwalker. Things die fast, regardless of your spec.
Diggin windwalker... it's a lot like playing a rogue.
yep like rouge except we don't sneak up and stab you in the back we walk up or fly(flying serpent kick) and punch you in the face.

in all seriousness a Windwalker has work good for me in my first 14 hours of play (I quest level) but any of the specs are violable for leveling depending on your play style.
I actually went Mistweaver.

Spamming LFD with insta queues has been way faster than questing for me especially when I have Enlightenment. Plus I can do good DPS when I decide to take an LFD break by equipping AGI Heirlooms and gear and going into Tiger stance.
I went Brewmaster until 56 when I got Rising Sun Kick as Windwalker. RSK is just such a huge amount of damage that it completely blows away Brewmaster.

Still go BM for quests with a lot of enemies grouped up, elites or farming, but for 1-2 targets, WW is far better.
I've landed on mistweaver because it gives me 1 minute or less LFD queues. Once I started doing this the levels have just been flying by. Much, much faster than quest leveling. Unless you just want the experience, I wouldn't recommend leveling as DPS due to the speed of fast queue dungeon leveling as tank or healer.

Oh, and monk healing is an absolute blast. Basically feels like melee DPS with some casting thrown in as needed.
I found WW to be best for higher levels (80-90). Once you have rising sun kick you can pull about 3 or so mobs your level and just burn through them. if in danger you got plenty of abilities to get out of it (touch of karma, expel harm, fist of fury stun, tier 4 talents, paralysis)
Definately made it easy to tag all the mobs and just burn through quests with ease

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