Where Is The Prot Warrior Sticky?!

I could have sworn I saw one the last time I visited this forum. Now I'm trying to get up-to-date info on how to Prot successfully (since dps queue times are even worse now than they where pre-release) but I don't see no guide.
I dont see one either but do you have a question?
The previous one that was stickied wasn't very good. One is currently being written and should be up soon.
Thanks Sam, I appreciate the update. As for questions, I don't really have one in particular, just wanted to brush up on my knowledge, since the last time I seriously tried to tank anything on this toon was in early Wrath (and by seriously I meant dungeons, this was my alt back then, I'm making this one my main now). Cata I was mainly SMF spec most of the time and only went Prot when I solo'd so I wouldn't die every three pulls. Right now I just need to brush up on stat priority and spell rotation, things like that. I'm assuming gearing hasn't changed that much since early cata, mastery until soft cap and avoidance where possible, etc.?
www.tankspot.com has one
www.mmo-champion.com has one as well

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