No Pandaren secondary profession trainers

My new monk is in the Pandaren starting zone trying to find the secondary profession trainers (cooking, fishing, first aid) and can not find them any where. Found a few of the primary profession trainers. I am either blind or they are found only on the mainland.
Im having the same problem, I tried forum searching and Google and can't find anything! If I do come across one I'll be CERTAIN to reply!!!

Luckily Im a priest so I can heal, but would be nice to have it before I get off of the island.
There are no secondary profession trainers on the island. It's intentional because some of the achievements are faction-specific, so blizzard decided to avoid the whole issue.
You mean the are Profession trainers on the Isle? I must have rushed my way there...
Where are the primary profession trainers on the isle? I haven't been able to find them.
There are two priimary profession trainers on Wandering Isle: Elder Oakpaw Whittler Dewei
So, Pandarens have a +15 to cooking, and can't learn it until they leave their homeland? BUT, lvl 85s go to Pandaria so they can get cooking past 525. That makes no sense.

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