How to gear up?

Death Knight
Just got this dK to lvl 85 a few weeks before MoP and didn't have enough time to gear him up as I played other chars as well...So I'm just wondering how I should gear him up, I can't even seem to que for Cata dungeons anymore as it says "the levels of people in your group are not close enough to be eligible for any random dungeons" So what should I do? Would I be able to take the stuff in the MoP starter areas like the Jade Forest?
You will have no problem. My highest piece of gear was 333 when i started. Even playing on a PvP realm I didn't get ganked often. Just be careful with mob pulls. You should be full panda geared after you finish the first couple areas
Just buy the new blue gear crafted by people for the new expac. There is a ton of new blues going for200-500g a piece lvl 415 gear.

When you level blacksmithing, tailoring etc. you have a chance to craft a rare of that item, people are selling these for cheap since the market is flooded atm.
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Should be pretty easy for you. At level 85 in s10/11 PVP gear I was able to solo a lvl 86 elite and not lose any hp throughout the whole fight (blood spec). Also had no problem with level 90 mobs while I was out farming ore. You should be fine in the starting area until you start getting quest gear.

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