Forming 21st raid team

Ok so we are forming another hardcore 10 man Fri-Sun nights 7pm-12am Server. Blazeddruid will be the raid leader. This team will be designated as 10 man 16 until the raid leader renames it. I don't have this teams info up on out guild website as of yet so when you apply, please remember to put down you are applying for 10 Man 16.

To apply or view other raiding opportunities, please visit

Our guild is closed to casuals, alts, and other non raiders until further notice. However, we do have a second level 25 guild to accommodate alts and Opponent's friends and family. Opponent II is open recruiting casual members for leveling, questing, or just to me a part of the Opponent community.
just lol
Why do you need 21 raid teams.....
I don't nor did I ever say I did or imply it. We do it because we can!
Actually with this new raid team we just formed, the guild member came to me and asked to form a raid team for him to fit his raid availability. Granted we can't accommodate everyone, however if we have the ability and the means to accommodate someone in our guild, we take a few extra steps to do so. That has been the case with the majority of our raid teams. People in our guild simply wish to raid.

With multiple raid teams, we provide a variety of raid schedules in addition to different raid styles; being casual, semi hardcore, and hardcore raiding.

Unfortunately our guild is very close to its character cap and will no longer form any additional raid teams in Opponent. Any additional raid teams will have to be formed in our second guild, Opponent II.

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