SMF hows it feel?

now I am sure there is already a thread out there asking this question but beyond the gear I am looking for how will SMF feel compared to TG I have always LOVED the loojk of dual wielding onehanders feels more in line with how I view fury warriors I just do not like the way TG feels I want to see MOAR swings
SMF is fine. From what Im reading it is very comparable to TG. I hear that it generates a stable Rage instead of that Spikey burst of rage you get from TG. Also for some reason SMF executes are bigger, but the AOE isnt as good as TG.
SMF and TG feel the same.

Considering the zero investment change between stats on the two, it is literally a choice of what your best weapons are.
just switched to SMF using axe from temple of jade serpent and souldrinker and I LOVE IT

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