459 Ilvl Resto sham LF Raiding Guild

I let my guild fight all my battles for me. In fact I wrote on the gmotd to pst you and let you know not to pick on me. Also, if you didn't want to start anything, you shouldn't come to me and message me if I liked your response. Which means, you sat there and tried to type something smart and witty, then spammed refresh waiting for me to respond and when I didn't you came to me looking for a response. Reminds me of Super Troopers when Farva sticks the bar of soap in Rabbits coffee in an obvious fail troll attempt. Everyone knows he is fail except him and blurts out "I got you good you !@#$er". You are Farva.
License and registration...

Chicken !@#$er!

09/28/2012 11:10 PMPosted by Modfu
we are not mad but challenge the fact you try to call your self the best shaman on the server 4 days into the xpac based off gear alone omg i can do a faceroll heroic and half the luck and or group to feed you your gear. i mean hell our 12 year old in our gear is healing heroics not to say. you speak about progression seeing how your looking for a guild other than the worst i dont see you going very far. We say your post to xlord and what he sent if you cant understand what he typed that on you. There is no point to super rushing to deck out when you cant raid at all until the released next week. Yes it looks nice but serve no true purpose.

12 and a half ty very much
now batman lets be civil and end on this note.
oh hey ima ele shaman let me pop all my cd's and take a screen shot gg
This got out of hand real fast lol
all good though, because im a healer and im not reforged into ele at all. thanks tho
09/29/2012 02:27 AMPosted by Coffëë

You do realize that fight is a gimic fight that you linked for your ele dps right? As well the fight actually only lasted 33 seconds. So GG popping all CD's at once and hitting only 140k dps on a gimic fight.
Joe do you realize im resto, probley not you are still trying to drag this forum thread out, and oh i wonder why he only lived for 33 seconds.
btw you gallion camp is off we killed him 17 hours ago, so w/e research you have done is again wrong, if you care this much you post a pic of the same fight pulling the numbers without flask/broke !@# pot. will be waiting.
Awesome DPS Farva
me and muxx have no problems ,gl in mop batman
Thanks QT, I hope you fail in MoP and uninstall.
People who aren't me arguing who the best shaman is?

You're argument is invalid.

Edit: Muxx can be involved too, but only because he's adorable.
muxx and his shenanigans
I remember having Muxx heal a raid once. Won't make that mistake again!
09/30/2012 04:24 AMPosted by Netherflame
I remember having Muxx heal a raid once. Won't make that mistake again!

I sell lessons for sexual favors.

Or trident layers.
09/30/2012 04:24 AMPosted by Netherflame
I remember having Muxx heal a raid once. Won't make that mistake again!

My plan worked PERFECTLY!

BTW Nether you look like your going to blow up a car or something with that gear on.
gl to you to coffee and enjoy the expac
I'm actually impressed with how quickly you got geared. If you're serious about hard core raiding, though, you may want to consider dropping skinning and picking up another crafting profession that will give you a raid bonus. Right now engineering is nice because of the tinkers and epic helm. Also, while the Pickled Egg is alright, Price of Progress looks to be a better raiding trinket as it provides a nice MP5.

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