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So, this may not be a major issue, but I figure it is worth discussing anyway.

Sometimes (quite frequently recently) when I come to this website the place where the character portrait is just to the right of Services says

No characters found for this account.

I am not able to post in anything but the CS and Tech forums, as if I had no game time.

So, I panic and wonder if I got hacked (yes I have an authenticator) or if my subscription has not been renewed, or if somehow I got banned either in-game or on the forums. Once I log in to Battlenet I see that my services are active, and when I come back Seri has her portrait right where it is supposed to be.

Obviously I am logged in because it knows my name, so why is this happening?
I am also getting this issue intermittently.

I cannot post in this thread:
This happens when you login to the community site for a region that does not match the region of your WoW license. For example, if you have a US wow license and you login to the EU wow site you will see "No characters found for this account." because it is trying to pull EU characters. Does that make sense?
That's annnoying. Why am I not allowed to talk to eu players?
@ Kreay because 'muricans promote racial segregation?

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