Really Sad hunter here.

I'm really not understanding why our battle pets have taken such a huge hit. I remember training my fly's from Sholazaar basin because they were so much fun at their original size. And now since they all got nerfed and our pets are so small. The joy has left for me somewhat. Why today I just abandoned my turtle in Pandaria because there was no stable master, What farming panda's don't have a stable for some of the animals they keep? Anyhow my point is I abandoned him to tame a Crane which ended up being smaller then my freaking companion pet. REALLY!!!! is it just me or is this not a issue. They've castrated our pets /CRY

P.S. And on a side note why could we have not gotten one more side to our stabling ability. I mean Blizz has to know most of us hunters fill our stables and all available slots with those must have tames :-( And yet a new expansion and no love for us collectors. But tons of slots for everything else. GIVE hunters two more stable sides so we don't have to delete our prized animals we camped forever trying to get.
To your first issue:
Perhaps it is a bug, perhaps it is just the crane, but remember, we just had an expansion come out, so be patient and hope the Devs can fix your....'small' problem. ^_-

About your PS:
Raiding, dungeoning, or questing hunters need only 5 pets to be able to operate efficiently: A tank pet, two dps pets, one having the agil/str buff, and one having the 5% crit increase buff, a cunning pet for utility, and a spirit beast if the hunter is BM.

Do not think that we have too few slots, instead think: "What pets to I enjoy? What pets do I want to show to friends, the stories I can tell about them?" And then fill your stable with those pets. I have a collection of sabers, because I enjoy how they look. I know by heart where each one came from, if not exactly the spot where I tamed them.

The pets I have with me when I go into the world are my 'utility' pets, and the ones in my stable are my 'showcase' pets. On occasion I swap sabers for a change of pace, but all in all, I don't go out and tame all the rares/new species just to say "Yeah, look at my fancy new (new pet)!"

Don't get me wrong, I also strive for good looking 'utility' pets as well. I camped for Loque'Nahak for weeks, I fished the lava pools for a month for that FLAMING turtle, Terrorpene, the dog I rescued from Kara was fun to find for arena, and the hellboar I tamed simply because my favorite color is green, and he was also my tank for 62 through to 80.

To conclude:
Small pets can be a bit disappointing to show off, but always remember, they're your pet. When I am able to go hunting for the one new rare I want, that's all I will be aiming for. No cranes for me, thank you XD
Love your response and thank you so much for the well thought out explanation. I appreciate that very much. I do agree with you on the pets , all of mine are special from the albino tyranasaurus , My core hound from getting to run into the raid instance alone and tame him and run lol. So fun and hard alone died a couple times dragging a dead friends body along so i could do the instance alone. But there all special like Terropene heehee and my fav's are my spiders from molton front.

And for the most part all of them are tames i love and dont show off. Its just for me. I never run through the town like whohoo look at me . I just like the cuddly little buggers. And recently deleted skoll to make room for Nuramoc . Thats my only issue i dont think we need tons of space but it would be nice to allow the obsessive compulsive hunter in me to maintain the integrity of my collection, even just to look at once in awhile. :-) Heehee and I hope it is a bug with the cranes in pandaria because my new pandaren hunter will need one :-)

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