Why are YOU playing a Monk?

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Not because if the class is OP/meh, but because it's enjoyable to you. Why do you play it?

For me, it is the closest I can feel to playing a rogue with my swirly ball back.

Swirly ball. Never forget.
ghostcrawler said street fighter.

I slammed my money down on the counter...

the end
I think the king of Ironforge would want me to play a drunken, tanking dwarf, so I made one in his honor. :D
Bored with other classes atm.
The pandaren monk sealed it for me. The ideal of balance in all things is very much my attitude in life, and to see it portrayed in the game made me happy.

I also love martial arts and absolutely love how they have made the monk. Also, as a watcher of the old Kung-fu Theatre on USA channel way back in the early 80's, I just had to play a kung-fu master.

Had to.
Because I like beer.
Because I enjoy eminence healing.
Tanking looked fun....dps looked fun (so what if its basic, you cant !@#$ up a rotation or your dps goes wayyy down). And i wanted to play something unique.
Because a woman that can punch a dragon to death is awesome.
Because Eramas Brightblaze was my favorite miniboss in Magister's Terrace.
Panda emotes are Fracking epic, and i have a 80+ of every other class...
Because I now feel like Bruce Lee...it is an amazing feeling
Not because if the class is OP/meh, but because it's enjoyable to you. Why do you play it?

For me, it is the closest I can feel to playing a rogue with my swirly ball back.

Swirly ball. Never forget.

lol, the class is nowhere close to OP
It's a solid class and I'm considering leveling this character up and maining as him this xpac. I have fun, and I've only seen a few other Draenei Monks outside of the starting area.
1) Needed something new
2) Always loved 'fantasy' Kung Fu (Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, Kung Pow! to name a few)
3) Trolls are far and away the best Monk race for animations. Sorry Pandas.
This Class is the closest representation of what i do IRL.

It's got fantastic visuals
a Fantastic gameplay
a Fantastic feel
a healthy dose of complexity
a healthy dose of freedom

This is the class for me.
The moment I saw Blizz announce the xpac & the monk class having a healing spec, I knew what I'd be doing (I was a Disc priest to begin with). Part of it was the idea of healing through martial arts, and part of it was a belief that the class would be strong through MoP, given the precedent of DKs in Wrath. I figured that even if Blizz managed to tone down the OP factor, they wouldn't leave the class *weak* and presuming I could master the spec, I'd be an asset to my raid's healing team.

Once Beta opened, I began levelling a Mistweaver from lvl 1, and fell in love within the first 30 levels (there were more healing spells available at earlier levels, in early Beta, so by lvl 30 I had a decent idea of Mistweaver healing flavour). I also absolutely loved the experience of hanging out with the Mistweaver community on the Beta Classes board & contributing to the ongoing MW discussion with other "casuals" like myself as well as with the true theorycrafters, hardcore raiders, and devs. THAT was an amazing experience.

Thank you, Beta Mistweavers, for helping to make Beta so incredible!
Because I can finally play a melee fighter with a staff that can heal. :D
Played a level 85 one in beta. Went Brewmaster because the concept of slinging kegs of beer at people was really funny to me.

Then I joined a dungeon group. Never even thought about it- I wouldn't be levelling my Shaman, my old main, to 90 first- it'd be this guy.
I choose Monk for a simple reason. I'm from an RP server, ever since the end of Wrath I'd been roleplaying out my warrior to train to be a runemaster (gearing up in plate armor that looked runic and awesome). I know they have deathknights, but I didn't want to deal with the glowing blue eyes and the theme of death around them. Ever since then I'd be hoping for a Runemaster class, or at least a hand to hand combat class. Monk so far is the best bet I may ever get in terms of what I'm looking for, so I went for it. It's very convoluded and silly, I'd be better off as a Shaman, or even a DK as I said before, but I have my reasons for being overly complicated.

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