Why are YOU playing a Monk?

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My favorite leveling experience before was the Warrior, but my favorite endgame is healing. Now I can do both. And Fistweaving too much fun.

Great animations for the class, best looking race right now, and I'm a huge fan of the Asian esthetic with both and the expansion. Can't lose.
Played a Rogue in Vanilla, I like the interaction between Energy/Chi a lot, reminds me of Roguery a lot. Also Bear Tanking is boring as heck now.
I've played +almost+ every single class to 85. geared them all up. And i could just never find happiness with any of them.

I dont know why, but from the moment i've been playing this monk, I've been having a blast. So this is my main now, and my other characters are getting a well earned rest.
I enjoy to destroy people with fists of Fury, that and I'm lovin beating the life out of mobs with a fat panda =3
Two words:

Chen Stormstout.
Throughout cataclysm my main was a Warlock. While Blizzard was right to redesign them the end result while interesting didn't feel like a warlock to me anymore. I would prefer Conflagrate and Hand of Guldan to have normal cooldowns instead of charges. It's switched to priority over rotation and I don't like it.

I've wanted WoW to have a Monk class since I played Baldurs Gate II. While I'm only about halfway there in level count right now i'm loving it.
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Bored with other classes atm.

I am struggling to even care about my stable of 85s. I have one at 60% to 86 but am usually running my monk instead.

There is so little new to the other classes that banging on mobs the same way for 5 more levels...zzzzz.
1) The excitement of a new class
2) Fighter-style combat is interesting and plays really well.
3) The idea of balance and Zen really intrigued me.
Tanking got stale.

It's not stale anymore!
Because now I can be a person with hooves roundhouse kicking people.
I chose a monk because I've been playing since vanilla and i'm tired of knowing exactly what every other spell in the game does.

.....aaaand now i'm regretting it because windwalker is garbage in pvp.
I chose a monk because I've been playing since vanilla and i'm tired of knowing exactly what every other spell in the game does.

.....aaaand now i'm regretting it because windwalker is garbage in pvp.

Judging a class by low level PvP is the worst judgement you could make.
Flying Serpent Kick, Enlightenment, and Chi Burst.

Initially, I rolled a panda monk cause it's the new race and new class. Then I hit level 18 and discovered Flying Serpent Kick. "I get to press a button and do a sweet !@# flying kick that goes crazy far and hits in an AoE? Every 25 seconds?! SOLD." Then I hit level 20 and discovered the Enlightenment buff "1.5x xp gain for an hour, EVERY DAY?! I'm goin to 90! Double sold!" Then I hit level 30, picked up Chi Burst thanks to the DPS Monk thread and was like "AND I can Hadoken?! Triple sold!"

Oh, and the panda dance is Caramell Dansen. Done. So much fun. Plus, it removes one of my biggest complaints against rogues: that combo points go on mobs instead of the player. Now I got my Chi and I'm happy.
My main from BC until Cata was a resto druid. I love rolling HoTs and the soothing green spell effects. However, mid-cata I rolled a discipline priest and fell in love with atonement style healing. I spent a long time debating who I would be healing with in Mists... it was frustrating. I loved the whole natural healer aspect of the druid, and had for years, but the atonement was such a fun thing to do and track. But then I'd miss HoTs...

Then on a whim I checked out some writeups on the monk specs, just out of curiosity. I had no desire whatsoever to play one. And yet, the more I read about Mistweaver, the more curious I got... then I tried it on beta briefly... asked my raidleader if he had any interest in raiding with a monk, or if anyone was rerolling yet... and finally I just accepted the fact that I had a new main on the way. And here she is.

So far I am completely pleased with my decision. Mistweaving is everything I hoped it would be! It still has the "natural healer" sort of feeling the druid had, there are HoTs to roll, the spell effects are the same soothing green, and I have my damage based healing to play with during lulls as well. Couldn't be happier, and I can't wait to dig into heroics and raids.

Man, armory does not like poor Niao at all... she's level 63 and I have 10,760 achievement points, not 0! hahaha. o.O
I wanted to be a ret rogue!
I came into this completely blind. I haven't played since December-- no beta or anything. Didn't even watch any youtube videos on monks. I just liked the martial artist thing. Fast-foward 3-4 days and I truly enjoy healing on this thing. Where Cata tried to homogenize healers, MoP went a different direction with monks and they are pretty unique in how they heal and I love it.

Windwalker is also pretty decent. It's nothing special or innovative, but it plays well.

Haven't really tried tanking, but I hate tanking so there's that.

tl;dr: I play it because healing is finally fun again.
Tanking in leather with a stick or polearm, without having to turn into a retarded-looking bear mutant.

Animations, movement and fluidity of the rotation... they go together, making this feel like a very mobile, active class.

An excuse to play a Draenei - I've never played one, figured what the heck.

The sheer joy of being a part of all-monk five mans that bounce, roll, fly and kegstand hteir way through dungeons.
I wanted to play a hybrid class that can do all three roles, but I didn't like the current options.

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