Why are YOU playing a Monk?

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I enjoy having multiple roles so that when I get bored of playing Monk one way I can just start going a different route.
I had volunteered to fill in a tank spot for our raid group in Mists. So I played around with various tank classes at 85 and on Beta, and found monks to be the most fun.

So far, while leveling, the class has continued to impress, definitely glad I chose it.
Whenever there is a possibility for a Monk class in a game, I choose it. Simple as that. Something about fighting using one's fists and feet when most other classes use swords and magic and all that is very cool to me and has been for many years.

Started mostly with FFXI and will continue from there! Any Monk class, I'm rolling it.
Gave up on rogues because they are officially the most boring class in wow (note: not speaking about viability in pve/pvp though). WW is the spec that get closer to them, but with waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun toys, better mechanics, better VISUALS.

Healing and tanking is only a plus. I'm really digging BM tanking. Not sure about MW, gonna try that once I can dual spec.

Edit: the only thing I miss is stealth, but meh...
havent played for a couple of weeks, and i come back to see whats new......MoP just came out 3 days ago....

people are already 90

some close...

do i even need to say it?
Wanted something different to play. Played all the other classes at max level and really loved playing monk in the beta. New main inc after my wedding.
I am playing a monk this expansion because I like to keep it fresh! Vanilla, TBC - Warlock, Wrath and Cata = Death Knight. I have leveled most of the other classes and they really do only feel like alts that end up being profession mules. So now with the chance to start fresh and play something new and exciting I have now chosen a monk and loving every damn minute of it :)
I could've sworn they added swirly ball back as a glyph for rogues.

Eitherway, Im leveling mine because I like the theme of all the nature-y attacks and the gameplay seems good.
09/27/2012 10:36 AMPosted by Tianhou
Because a woman that can punch a dragon to death is awesome.

What she said!
And ah we are awesome! Nothing like seeing a bunch of monks rolling through the gates at the beginning of a wsg battle ground lmao!
My poor elemental was outcasted for dps in PvE to balance PvP -Ghostcrawler (yes it was said!)
My poor elemental was nerfed in PvP survivability to limit the number of classes in PvP for the sake of PvP balance -Ghostcrawler (yes it was said!)
Because Im enjoying Mistweaver more than i thought i would.
I love playing monks in RPGs. I don't know why, exactly. I love martial arts films, Asian cultures and over-the-top action, and I love the skill, discipline and choreography of any well-executed martial arts move. In all likelihood, Jean Claude Van Damme's movie Blood Sport was probably the thing that introduced me to martial arts. I especially love watching the choreography in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Kill Bill, especially Pai Mei's scenes.

I played a human monk in EverQuest, a bald, tattooed dwarf monk in EQ2, a staff-wielding friar in Dark Age of Camelot, and a martial artist in The Secret World. The class I played the most in Diablo 3 was, you guessed it, the monk.

Since I started playing WoW in 2005, I have always been bummed that the game didn't have monks, despite how much I love WoW. I am so glad that I can finally play my favorite class of all time in my favorite MMO of all time! Thank you Blizzard!
The pandaren monk sealed it for me. The ideal of balance in all things is very much my attitude in life, and to see it portrayed in the game made me happy.

I also love martial arts and absolutely love how they have made the monk. Also, as a watcher of the old Kung-fu Theatre on USA channel way back in the early 80's, I just had to play a kung-fu master.

Had to.

This essentially. I've always been into martial arts, and that's why I always played a Rogue before; they seemed the most ninja-like. But Monk speaks more to me. My only regret is the inability to stealth like an actual ninja.

C'moooon ShadowWalker 4th spec....
As a healer, I was extremely disappointed with my Disc priest on the beta, so I tried out a monk, and it was love at first sight <3
The best thing about monks is the new fighting animations. It's not the kind of thing you'd even notice, but I realize now that I was bored to death with swinging my weapons the same as I ever did, for years and years. Playing a monk feels just.. new.
Stopped playing after about 2 months of cata, decided to come back and wanted a fresh start so it just made sense to try something new. I dont know how long it'll last as I usually favor ranged or healers but so far so good.

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