Why are YOU playing a Monk?

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For fun...
i'm studying chinese medicine & martial art at the moment and i just wanted to see how many realistic or actual postures Blizz used and kind of got hooked ^_^

i had nerdy exciting moment when i saw Dit Da Jow. it's real ticture and the item info was dead on too ^_^
"Use: A topical liniment of several different herbs combined in a secret formula. Guaranteed to instantly heal bruises and light injuries. (5 Sec Cooldown)"
not really a secret formula ^_^
I was unhappy with Cata as a whole. Did not like how they changed classes so much. Figured it would be more of the same with MOP came out, so I went with the only class I had never played before. Have to say, I like the class. It is one of the few I can stomach right now. Most of the legacy classes are "meh".
Because my guild needed a healer to raid and I figured to try something new.

Plus its a Monk. Who wouldn't want to be a martial arts Monk?
I am playing a monk cause its fun..and I enjoy the play style. I like the mobility and the dps I can pump out.
Not because if the class is OP/meh, but because it's enjoyable to you. Why do you play it?

For me, it is the closest I can feel to playing a rogue with my swirly ball back.

Swirly ball. Never forget.

I play a monk in pvp because when I do beat another player I feel like I earned it more than say when I'm on my dk, or if I was to reroll a warrior.
I have a great sense of humor.
Ask the coin why it landed on heads.
Yóu was always meant to be a monk. Yóu understands the essential nature of balance; and believes that the relationship between Chi and ones internal Energy provides an ongoing challenge to achieve harmony and perfection.
It's the only class that doesn't use the exact same attack animation for every ability.
Because once you go monk, you don't bore yourself with other classes anymore.
Because I like to tank and get tanked while tanking. Yo dawg, I herd u liek tanking...
Brewmaster Monk has the highest risk-reward of any tanking class ever put into this game.
It has a kit with proactive (EB, Shuffle) and reactive tools (PB, EH), it deals high damage, brings high raid healing (Ox Statue, Chi Wave) and the most control over incoming damage of the tanks.
Not because if the class is OP/meh, but because it's enjoyable to you. Why do you play it?

For me, it is the closest I can feel to playing a rogue with my swirly ball back.

Swirly ball. Never forget.

I think the way that they brought active mitigation to monks is the way that they should roll out to all the other classes I also don't think monks baseline are op but the good monks are better then the rest of the tanks especially when we can have awesome uptime of shuffle etc.
Because I like martial arts. One day, I will learn some form of martial arts IRL, until that day...I will live out my dream through Elroy. xD
I just feels right.
I was expecting s5
I -love- brewmaster.

It's the first tank they've designed from day 1 to BE a tank since warrior, all the other tanks have been redesigned to be a tank on top of an existing dps class (yes, even dks) and it just all FEELS right.

Agility tanking -feels- right on it, its rotation -feels- right, it all -feels- right, and exactly how active mitigation should feel. It's fast paced and engaging, letting its complexity flow naturally from your tanking needs, rather than through the rotation itself.

It also feels complete--leveling never felt like I was just holding out for some missing piece... 'Oh man, need consecrate this sucks without consecrate.' I always felt that I had the tools that I needed, but at the same time every new tool felt like something I'd always wanted. 'Oh shuffle, I didn't know I wanted you, but you are so delicious.'

Now they probably have to sort some numbers out on it, make the damage balanced in AoE, that sort of thing, whatever, they gonna do what they gonna do. Maybe tweak numbers here and there. Whatever.

The feel of it, however, its flow... it's spot on.

(there's no frikken way I could play one without a naga tho... damn)
In hopes it would be close enough to Blademaster to make me happy.

Alas; it is not.

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