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First, I have to get off my dependency of my Clockwork Gnome- I'm sure they are going to nerf it now that I've been reading this forum. Back on Subject of Environmental Effects...

I can't really tell if they are happening. Can someone help me with this? Also, how are they working?

Father Winter's Helpers are doing Ice Tomb and Call Blizzard- do they compound damage or is that ONLY the Ice Lance?

I have an Elemental Tree that will heal big time if it's Sunny (Photosynthesis) and a Magic Lantern that can make it a Sunny Day. I haven't tried to put them together yet but is that effective or not? Has anyone seen a healing team that can't be stopped because they just heal too well?

Does Magic Broom's Sand Storm ability effect EVERYONE ever the other two pets that are still in your "Hand"?

Same question for FelFlame's Scorched Earth ability?

Does the Dark Pheonix Hatchling's Conflagrate ability compound with the DragonHawk's Flame Breath ability? It's not an environmental effect but the Flame Breath is a 4 turn DOT that Burns the target. So the target is Burning- then you switch to Dark Phoenix and use Conflagrate. Can you expect double damage for that target already "Burning"?

If that is a DragonKin behavior but not an actual dragonkin- does it benefit from the effect of extra damage if the target is low on health- as well as being strong against Critters (or is it beasts? I forgot)?

Is there general info on these enviromental effects?

Am I making this too complicated?
Alright, I just had this confirmed...

The spell conflagrate is supposed to do double damage to burning targets.. There are two moves that cause burning "Flame Breath" and "Scorched Earth". It doesn't work with either.

ice lance works and does it's secondary damage despite the blizzard affect not being in effect, as do most (not all) abilities that require a debuff.

One example of an ability that is NOT bugged is Leech Life, which does double healing if the target is webbed. I haven't tested to see if it actually does the double healing when webbed, but it doesn't do double when the target is not webbed.
immolate also causes burning.
09/27/2012 05:16 PMPosted by Adamishereto
immolate also causes burning.

Yes, but is it WORKING? I'm not sure if it is working in game or not. Also, what pet has Immolate (I can't remember off the top of my head)?
I know the Pheonix Hatchling has Immolation. I'm not sure what else does though.
Another odd exception...
Ruby Sproutling (not sure of the name) has Photosynthesis- which is a heal that is effected by "Sunny Day" effect from Enchanted Lantern.

Sunny Day gives a +50% to max HP. I use this effect to get better and earlier chances to capture creatures.

The Ruby Sproutling is NOT effected by the Sunny Day effect because it is an ELEMENTAL. The Heal Over Time spell it uses (Photosynthesis) is effected but the increased HP is not.

I learned this when I was putting together a:
Lantern/Sproutling/ Crab team. I wanted to just out heal the higher level opponents. It worked for a little while but with the opponent able to take advantage of the additional Higher Hit Point cap I was eventually screwed in pet switches.

Now THIS is a case where everything seems to be working exactly as intended!

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