Pet Capturing Bug or is it normal?

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Hi there;

I looked for a thread on this but I found nothing, so here's my question.
I've been trying to capture all the pets from every zone, and today I have had a problem with it - even though I DON'T have the pet I am trying to catch, the game is telling me I either have three already or my journal is full, which of course, it's not. If it was there wouldn't be any room to catch all the pets put out in the game.

The pet in question is an Alpine Chipmunk, the only other chipmunk I have is the Red-Tailed Chipmunk and the Alpine is grayed out, which of course means I haven't caught it.

Is this a bug or is there something I am missing, as this isn't the first pet this has happened with when I tried to capture it.

Do you have over 500 pets? Theres a cap in place of 500 total pets.
Thank you very much for the insight there, I will try getting rid of some of my pets and see if that works. I didn't think of that.

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