Can we get a Solo/Duo option for Scenarios?

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As scenario's are a replacement for group quests it would be nice to be able to really push yourself and see if you can pull it off solo.

I'm not asking for any rebalancing or for this to be a "Proving Grounds" option, just a "let me try to solo this option".

Now this might be percieved as a desire based on overgearing the current Theramore scenario but it actually goes back to the group quests of old. This scenario did meet my expectations of difficulty.

The first time I successfully soloed a group quest was back in classic. I was levlelling with a close friend but he wasn't done work and the quest reward was a big up for me (and not great for his mage). So I tried it to see if I could do it, knowing that when he got on we could easily do it together. And I succeeded. I took much longer than it would have with the recommended number but even that was good as it allowed me to focus on 1 small task while I was waiting for my levelling partner to log in (didn't want to get too far ahead without him).

For myself, I have never encountered a 2 person group quest that could not be soloed on any class I have attempted it on. Some quests and classes were more challenging but all were doable with some patience.

Now, 5 man group quests could be done with less than 5 but were only ever soloable after outgearing or outlevelling it.

3 man group quests were really the sweet spot. They were a challenge to solo, it wasn't obvious that it could be done when you first got the quest but it was always interesting to try. If one succeeded it was a great sense of accomplishment that really does not occur much these days in the questing process. If you failed, it wasn't very disappointing as you knew you were pushing beyond expectations (grab a friend and nock it off).

I can concede there is a possible concern by adding the option it may become perceived that this is the intended way to do it. So for that reason it may be better to have a checkbox in a game options menu rather than something within the scenario interface so it's not as prominent and not percieved as the intended experience.

I through duo into the title, not because it's an option I desire, but only because if you do choose to allow people to attempt these solo, a duo option is another difficulty gradation that some people may enjoy. And you would get this with no additional coding (if 2 people are grouped who have there "Scenario Solo" checkbox ticked, another person is not added if they cue; if only 1 has this, then cue for a third as normal because there isn't agreement on the difficulty level desired).

TLDR: Um really? The subject heading pretty much gives you the gist.

Anyone else out there who enjoyed soloing (or trying to solo) group quests?
I was a hunter in vanilla and a druid afterwards... I know exactly what you mean. I always enjoyed trying to solo group quests. It was really exciting getting the kill when you had like 5% hp left.

So I see where you're coming from :D
When I initially posted this, I considered adding a concern regarding the number of available instances. When Theramore was the only scenario and the only new content, I could see lots of people opening solo instances could over burden the scenario server(s?).

Now, however, with the full expansion out and all the myriad options of things to do, it is unlikely for a lot of these to be open solo at any given time and gives interesting difficulty gradation in un-grouped content.
I've always enjoyed seeing what I am able to solo (solo'd MC countless times to make my TF), I'd love to see this option.
The basic problem is that scenarios are accessible only through the queuing system. There really ought to be a way to walk into them, like you can with dungeons.

Not only does this prevent you from running the scenario solo or in a two-man group, but once the next expansion hits, the level-90 scenarios will be inaccessible at level 95. You won't be able to queue for them, and there's no way to walk in.

The best way to solve both these problems is to give the scenarios proper instance portals.
Portals would be an acceptable solution to solve this but even the most simplistic of graphics changes is likely more coding work than adding a menu checkbox.

The only reason I consider the coding effort is because so far the support for this idea appears minimal. Not non-existent and not antagonistic but the numbers do not currently support a lot of effort. It is possible they would make a small/easy change to allow a small number of people to enjoy scenarios this way. A larger change, involving graphics, would either take a long time because this would be way down on the priority list or a lot of support from posters is needed to indicate much greater demand for this.
I had the same idea. I had to get two people to go with me. For all of them except one I was able to solo. The other I needed one more person just for the DPS boost. In actually fun solo/duo. 3 people is a bit over-kill for me.
Fun was the reason I posted the idea.

I have a good guild and finding 2 people with similar objectives is not hard.

But I have found that while questing the odds of failure are pretty slim. Some escort or vehicle quests have timed objectives that one can occasionally fail to meet, but dying while questing just doesn't happen.

Dying happens in Raids, in Dungeons (occasionally), in PvP all the time. It was nice to find things where the threat of death did occur out in the PvE world.
I support this idea! I don't think I have the skill to solo a lot of stuff on my own, but I do duo quite a bit with my husband. And yes, our idea of a romantic evening is us 2-manning something with him picking up as many mobs as possible with me seeing how much damage I can add to his without letting him go splat (he's a shaman who sometimes pretends to be a tank).

We did the Theramore scenario prior to Mists, it was fun. However, it was a little awkward with a 3rd person, especially when it was a pug. It was also boring to do as a healer because with 3 people there wasn't enough damage to need heals and we simply powered through it (overgearing may have been the problem in this case).
got a mage as 3rd wheel in Scenario

dude runs up in theramore, and pulls like 5 packs, tries to melee tank them, dies and says "The point of this is to go fast you scrubs"
This would be a great idea. I always tried to challenge myself to sololing a group quest in the past. It honestly makes you a better player because you have to think outside of the box. Also it be a nice way to test your personal performance in conditions that require movement, cc, interrupts, and self healing/preservation.

Just don't attach achievements or even Feats of Strength to this option. That way you don't need to worry about class balance when allowing single or duo scenarios.
09/29/2012 01:47 AMPosted by Zeroheart
Just don't attach achievements or even Feats of Strength to this option. That way you don't need to worry about class balance when allowing single or duo scenarios.

Absolutely, I see this as a fun and Entirely Optional way to enjoy them. Personal challenge only, not something that encourages folk to choose this option when they would otherwise prefer to just complete it with others.

The way scenarios reward bags means you don't even need to worry about solo becoming the most 'efficient' gold per hour way to play or anything silly, like previous solo boss kills became before the gold normalization was introduced.
I was out of town for a bit, but I still think this is a good idea.

Please post support of you agree or think of an improvment to discuss. Even give a thumbs up to the original post if you think it's worthwhile even if it may not be something you would choose to do.

I'm all for this please make this happen!
I agree wholeheartedly with this post, and would love to see this happen.

I just did the arena one as a healer and almost fell asleep because nobody took any damage.

The scenarios are way too easy, but at least might make you stay on your toes if you're going to solo them.

This, definitely. I am a solo player, and I already can't get a ton of Achievements and rewards due to my refusal to join a guild. I also don't like going with groups in Dungeons so I solo everything I can. My social anxiety in real life I guess travels into the game. *runs away from duels, lol.

But I think this is a viable option for /normal/ people too. There's a ton of stuff, probably half the content that is not soloable. And I can't get any good gear alone either, pvping is the only place to get any sort of gear for a solo player. Or Reputation grinds, there seem to be some good options here as well but I'm not quite at that point. I played a lot in vanilla as well, and I stopped for a long time and only recently started playing again and got a new account since I don't have access to my old one. It's been a few months so I only recently got to 90. I noticed that the "older" you get (higher level) there are increasingly less solo options. I also agree that they should NOT nerf content, but just give us the option to TRY these things. If we succeed, it will probably take a lot more work than most people are motivated to do, but it's what we prefer, so why not?

My question is, is there really a reason NOT to give this as an option?
Me and my girlfriend love to Duo things together for the fun of it. We especially like doing things related to story-lines and taking our time and really enjoying the plot elements. This would make Scenarios PERFECT if it were not for the fact that we always have a 3rd person who doesn't want to listen to the NPCs talk or stay for story events. As described above they just want to burn everything down as quickly as possible, and yell at anyone who doesn't rush the whole thing.

Please please please Make a Duo/Solo option!
Aww, so close to a year old necro, but you're 2 weeks off.

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