Only first pet capturable?

Pet Battles
I haven't gotten a chance to delve into pet battles on live too much, but I'm hoping someone can answer me this question..

On beta, when pet battles first launched (when they officially launched, not when they accidentally launched and were promptly locked out), if you encountered more than one wild pet, you could only catch the first (the one you could see before the pet battle even started). Is this still the case now that MoP has been released?
It's limited to one per battle now, doesn't matter which pet you try and caputre (ie the first one you fight in the battle, the second etc)
Ah, good to know. I wouldn't've minded it had they kept it that way, but this is definitely a welcome change.
Nope, you can catch any of the pets that join the battle. You can still only catch one of them though; catching one locks you out from catching the others during that fight.
There are some pets that are not capture-able. Like the gazelle.

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