Sha of violence

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Is this guy overtuned a little?

Everything I'm reading says he takes 20-30 seconds in beta, so theres no real strategies available yet he's kicking our groups !@#.

I'm trying my hardest to get out of those spikes but unless im staring at his focus almost constantly to see who its on (and they are so frequent!), I dont, which is affecting the healing significantly.

Then the one strat I read says for tank to get out of the smash which he managed once (how does one do this?), then its a battle to dispel the debuff, keep up the person who got beaten on when tank was disoriented and inevitably have a spike on me.

Just me/my group?
I had that problem a few minutes ago, but my first time through it was quite easy. But I do get rocked by the trash in this instance.

We were able to finish it by pushing through the mechanics and just healing the ret paladin which acted as an offtank for when I got stunned.
Same problem again today, shoot me, so frustrating!

Does anyone have a strat for this guy?? do tanks avoid the smash or not?
Didnt seem too difficult, the inevitable OT was only take 1-2 weak swings, and spikes were being topped off immediately, can't offer anymore, there's gotta be something you're doing wrong.
There are mechanics?
It feels more like a test of healer throughput and endurance. We tried killing the adds but that just made the fight take extra long.
Which Sha is violence?

I don't remember any of them being hard at all.
As a DK, I pop IBF when the tank gets stunned. Glyph of Dark Succor helps as well. The tiny adds that pop up proc it, so I get a rune-free Death Strike that is guaranteed to heal at least 20%. Summon Ghoul, and Death Pact don't cost you anything other than time and that's a 50%-60% heal.
Sha of Violence is the third boss in Shado'Pan Monestary(sp?).
I've yet to encounter a single problem with the fight, seems rather simple.

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