JB Hi Fi Pre-Ordered MoP CE cdkey error

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After trying to enter the key numerous times I continue to get the error:
"The game key you entered has expired."

As anyone else experienced this?
Same problem
Just to update you guys:
I called Blizzard support, the nice lady tried to enter the key for me but it also failed from her end.
So we concluded that it was a bad key and was told to contact the retailer.
Called JB Hi Fi and they've gone to call some managers somewhere. Waiting for their call back.
JB Hi Fi just called to tell me to ask Blizzard for a new key, which I don't think will happen...
Happened to my mate in Bris - JB HIFI replaced it and the 2nd CD key didn't work either - I've never heard him swear this much before.

Looks like we might have got a dud batch of keys, and i can see how this will go, scan and email receipt to Blizzard before they will give you a new key.
Which JB Brisbane store was it? I got it at Adelaide St.
Was at Chermside mate.
Managed to switch it for one that worked. I activated it in store to be sure.
Same problem, says key is expired...bought from JB in Sydney
the same has happened to me, i got my from the carindale jbhifi
09/24/2012 10:18 PMPosted by Smooshypants
Managed to switch it for one that worked. I activated it in store to be sure.

anyone else had any luck? any support from blizzard?
Guys, here's an update from Blizz
Send a copy/photo of key and photo of receipt in a ticket to Blizz.
And they will investigate it for you asap!
When i got this error, some small text appeared under the saying if your on US server click this button to enter your Key. After i click that and entered the number again it worked fine for me.

This might help?
Please be aware, going to battle.net from an Australian IP can automatically put you on the South-East Asian website. Make sure you are trying to enter the key at us.battle.net to rule out all possibilities.
Moral of the story? Don't buy from JB HiFi?
09/26/2012 01:00 AMPosted by Mørganá
Moral of the story? Don't buy from JB HiFi?

I'm still getting over the fact people are buying physical copies at all
Well perhaps they want the book and soundtrack that comes with a physical CE copy?
Mine was fine.

Just saying.
JB HI are garbage for buying games from, I have had issues with Civ V and GTA 4 also.

Never get any game from them.

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