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Moon Guard
When MoP hits live I intend to make Augidget a monk, however I'd like to keep her name and this rogue, as such I am thinking of replacing the i in her name with an accented version, I just do not know the alt code for it, anyone have an idea?
A quick google search would have found the whole alt numpad letters, however:

ALT+161 í
ALT+0206 Î
ì - alt+0236
í - alt+0237
î - alt+0238
ï - alt+0239

you can also copy and paste those into the name box, if you want

I'd hug you if:

A: You weren't a bloody elf.
and B: Within arms reach.
A while ago, unless this was reverted, they started prohibiting special characters again (with the exception of a few non-English server types). Pre-existing characters are exempt.

I don't know if they actually do anything about it, but it would be a pity if someone reported you for it. Probably better to come up with a different name.

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