Nice try Blizz

it almost lasted 30 seconds before it crashed
I can't even log into the game right now because I'm in SW.! :/
09/25/2012 12:07 AMPosted by Deathlockes

Haha, I doubt there is much they could do on a realm as busy as ours to prevent this. I am still trying to turn in the first quest.

I am sure once we get out of the city it will be a little better.
My gut clenches knowing that a few people probably did manage to get to pandaria before the realm crashed... so now they are leveling lag and competition free.

: /
Actually, it gets worse. Tried on another server with a few of my 85s. You get to the second quest, and there is so many people that you can't even see the ship you're suppose to be firing on cause the camera is zoomed into so many helicopters trying to fire on it.

Edited: I was able to log in, but every time I try to head towards the quest giver. It pulls me all the way back to where I logged in at.
Yeah i was reading on the general forums that people are having issues in the first few quests of pandaria. Months of preparation for fail.
Oh, I know... right? >_<
I'm getting lag on my other servers, but it's nothing compared to what we're dealing with here.

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