Whos got the best name???

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saw someone name Whoflungpoo...

I like it :D
My monk is named Yancankill.
Leia :D!

Now if only there was a title that was Princess ...
09/25/2012 05:53 PMPosted by Mogrigg
Here's a question...how can you tell what faction a panda is from the armory? I guess you can cheat and look at the races of the other toons in their guild...but I mean other than that.

Background behind Horde characters is red, background behind alliance is blue.
I win
Except I've seen 50 Brews Lee's and Pandamonium's.

I thought mine was crafty for a MW, although so far I've just been told I spelled my name wrong twice.

Right over the head there.
I am a glorious tribute to the most glorious fictional martial artist.
I'll play
Kinda like mine.
I like my name.
Weeabuu, reporting for duty!
I kinda like mine.

Not trollish, but you know what, I love it anyways.

Even if it is a possible 'copyright infringement.'
going for the victory
My char name is Meou
But Position in queue: 2286 in Illidan realm. It is not a pleasure! Hell pandaria
Blizz should offer a free realm transfer for Illidan
Mine is Roundkick, waaahh!!
@Mistfallen: how did you do that? Monk lv 86 in 2 days. AWESOME MAN!!!
I like this one.
I thought this was an apt name for a healing monk.
I have the best name hands down due to not using any of those crazy alt keys!

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