SECURITY Starting 25m Recruitment

Sup peeps!

Security is currently building a roster to re introduce 25 raiding back to the guild. We've had some huge successes as a guild over the years with some ups and downs (like any guild). We've spent the majority of cata as a 10 man unit clearly content but now wish to go back to a 25 man format.

We're looking for individuals that display both a great knowledge of their particular class and spec as well as dedicated individuals that show up to raids each week. Below you'll find our raid information and what we're currently looking for:

Raid Days and Times (subject to change)

Wednesday's 8-12am
Thursday's 8-12am

Looking for:

Healers of all specs and classes
DPS (ranged and melee)

If you're interested in joining us for our fun and fast paced progression, please feel free to message myself, Wenll or Whiteleaf via ingame or ingame mail and we'll be happy to speak with you about how you can fit into our guild and progression.

Thanks and happy raiding!
I'm GM Whiteleaf, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.
Shammy, your Panda looks so fluffy. I want to pet him once I am able to log on :p
Still looking for healers and dps for 25 man raid spots.
That is a damn fine beard choice, Sham. +1
The Player Haters Ball.. what a terrific skit that was.
We'd be willing to pick some tanks up - it's not an immediate need, but a lot of people in guild that raid are expected to carry multiple specs, anyway. I often alternate between Holy and Shadow, for example.
Tank, cough, cough...
Do you guys PvP and do RBGs or just raiding/PvE? :o
Don't worry, Otis. Nobody is taking your cookie jar away. =)

Cineris, the guild doesn't officially have an RBG crew yet, but I know there are a few people in-guild that'd like to, and we can certainly recruit more and get one rolling.
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I wish you guys the best of luck! Also, friendly bump
Hey if you guys are willing to come horde ( not saying you are!) Definitely could look into a guild merger and set up some 25 man raiding full time. Let me know how you feel about it!

If not, free bump!

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