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I was thinking today, that this is the first world of warcraft release that I have not stood in line for at my local store for a midnight release. This made me very sad, and not because I don't have the new expansion or an active account, but because I just don't care all that much anymore. When I first started playing, back in vanilla, and all the way through wrath (I took some breaks now and again) the game seemed filled with wonder and excitement. I had real passion for this game, which sounds silly because it is just a game, but I did. Exploring a new area, fighting a new foe, reading new lore, all of it was exciting. I remember actually feeling frightened for my character, and Misi here was more then just pixles to me. I was on an RP-PvP server with her back then, and she, like the world was alive and vibrant. I've forged friendships that are still there, even though most of us don't play anymore. I spent a very large portion of my life during that time in Azeroth and it was some of the most amazing times I've ever had.

But now... not so much. Cataclysm was fun, and interesting, and all of that, but I didn't get past some heroics on any of my characters. It just seemed lackluster, despite all of the really awesome stuff they put in. And now I sit here, no active account, no new expansion, and instead of excitement and a sense of wonder, I am filled with an empty spot inside myself. A kind of sadness, I suppose, for an era gone, for the loss of something that was once very important to me.

So my question to any of you who may read this (I know it's not in the right forum, but I have limited posting access) is, how do I get it back? Is there any way to get it back? The passion? The drive? The sense of wonder and adventure? I want so bad to want to play again, but I just can't find it in me. I've tried almost every MMO on the market, and nothing seems to fill the void that WoW has left. Does anyone have any advice? Or is it gone forever? It seems silly, but it feels like something has died...
You may just be burned out, or you may have lost interest in WoW altogether. This is an old game and you've played it since release, very few people can do the same thing for 7 years and not get tired of it.

There's new content to explore now with MoP, but many burned out players when they return just resub to see the new stuff and get their characters leveled, then cancel their sub until the next expansion.
You know, there's nothing wrong with getting new interests and moving on.

There have been things I really super-enjoyed at stages in my life, but don't really care for anymore.

Maybe you don't need the same level of interest and branching out into other games, or interests would be good. It's fine to keep playing WoW with a lower level of interest.
I feel you bro. I've been out for 18mnths and even put $50 down on MOP got a top up have got everything going again but just can't sit for more than 20 mins or so alot has changed but that spark has gone. I do geocaching now its good fun and more active
Oh, I have plenty of other interests, I play other games too. I was just talking about that feeling I got from the beginning of WoW is all. The only thing that compared was being dropped into the middle of EQ with no idea how to do anything... I suppose it's time to just move on all together. I was just hoping to get an idea of how to hold on to something, guess it is hard if not impossible.

Anyway, thank you all for the responses, I hope you enjoy the new expansion. I guess for me it is probably over. Thank you all again.
Just make sure you don't delete all your characters. You never know when you'll get the itch again.

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