The Official Illidan Queue Queue Thread

Welcome, in this thread we will be complaining about the ridicules queue times since the launch of MoP. Please, be irrational, annoying, rude, and argumentative...oh and post your Position in the Queue, so we can all feel like we said SOMETHING constructive to avoid getting the thread deleted.

Mine you ask? Well here it is!
2566: ETA 2hrs 33mins.
Nothing better to do? Already gave your meat the treat? To poor to afford console games? Already ate? To old to play F2P? To bad, you can stare at the screen like the rest of us for 2 hours. Enjoy!
I'm going to play Civ IV while I wait.

And make fun of people one these forums.
I can't be irrational, I'm used to this.
I've been in que for nearly 3 hours now, current 99th!
09/25/2012 05:49 PMPosted by Whisper
I've been in que for nearly 3 hours now, current 99th!

You lucky bastard.
1600, its !@#$in stupid
41st Eta 1 min gogo
I think there's an inverse correlation between the length of time someone has been on Illidan and the degree to which they complain about the queue.
Annnnnnnnnnnnd i'm in.
1963 eta 213mins
I think blizzard doesn't give a flying F$%k about its subscribers, and is just laughing all the way to the bank.
I think everyone just needs to calm down. You'll all get in eventually.

09/25/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Whisper
Annnnnnnnnnnnd i'm in.

Go tell people to log off so I can get a shorter queue.

Oh, and Civ IV AI is dumb. Decided starvation in Sparta was preferable to finishing a bank one turn later. Fortunately, unlike in the failure that is Civ V, you can change that.
3,800 in que FML. Please open up free transfer to a different server.
Get off my island, Gandhi!
And .... in. When the queue says "20 minutes", add 40 minutes.
Oh, and now Gandhi thinks he can make me adopt Confucianism? I think I've found the target of my first pogrom.

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