Outlandish Attribute Amounts!!

Website Bug Report
I noticed while browsing the AH that some of the attribute (Int. Sta. Str. etc.) amounts were hugely mistaken. Like a lvl 20 dagger with +12345 to Agility and +12345 to Stamina. WTH!! is there going to be a fix for this? I use Chrome as a browser BTW.
I am speaking of the AH here on Battle.net not the in game AH. Sorry
There is a current bug with green items that have random stats.

Can you confirm that the items you're seeing are items like http://www.wowhead.com/item=3184 ?
I can confirm this bug is affecting greens with random stats. Some screenshots from the "Create Auction" page:

I was about to report this also. Glad to see it's been recorded, I was hoping there wasn't some real required level 14 gear with 53376 Agility on it. I actually bought the items(they were reasonably priced anyway), just to verify it was just a tool tip typo here on the site. Pretty impressive stats though!

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