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I use to love playing this game with sound till all i get is this Annoying portal sound that plays over and over and over I've turned off addons still get it. reloading the UI it plays while it reloads. Hopefully i can maybe hear the MoP music some day before patch 6.0
In the words of the only sound wow plays *wawawawaawaawawaawa*

oh well feel back for the voice actors not going hear them since i'll just never turn the sound back on in wow.
After some testing I sounds like it's they casting of frostbolt/frostfire bolt that is then just played over and over and over. I'll see if I can find if it's random or cause by something else.
Bump for sound
Waaawawawawawawawawawa all i still hear.
I opened a ticket for this some time ago, they have acknowledged the problem and are working on it. They could make a post about it somewhere, to assure everyone that they are on it. I get it to go away by going into sound options and clicking hardware sound and then re-clicking it, its only temporary though as the sound will come back on its on when it feels like it. When i notice it, I just do it again.
I'm currently standing a bit south of Honeydew Village and the stupid mage portal sound has been happening nonstop for hours. It was doing this days ago and has been since. If I get far enough away from the town the noise will stop, but even then it takes me going more than half the zone away as it is. Very annoying.

ETA: I ran back to stand beside the Org portal in the village and I can now hear TWO loops of the mage portal sound playing. Not sure if that's valuable info or not, but there it is.
Is it a sound like when a mage's arcane missiles fire ?

Try turning off reverb mode and death knight voices in the Sound options

If it comes back toggle the death knight voices on / off again.

Toggling the options forces the sound system to restart.
A more accurate way to say this is it's the sound that is made when we are casting a portal, not the noise of the portal itself. Also same noise as Arcane Blast.

I can't get it to happen again, though. I ran back into the zone and all the way up to Honeydew but nothing happened. So I tried re-creating the issue somehow and nothing worked. Maybe they fixed it.
Have this on my mage aswell annoying as all hell i reset it by changing sound quality up and down but it comes back

It's doing it in every zone now, and the way I make it stop is to reset via the Death Knight voices option like Bluspacecow suggested. I can't figure out the combination yet, but it seems to happen after a fight wherein I use my mirror images. Anyhow, bump.
Happening to me as well. First GM said it is happening to Mages and Warlocks and it's a known issue (though, it doesn't happen on my husband's Warlock). Second GM said it's DBM (removed DBM and it's still happening). Third GM said to disable addons one at a time to figure out which addon it is.

Edit: I found these two threads as well that are a bit more helpful:

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