3000+ in que 3 hour wait :(

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I am on the Frostmourne server and there is 3000+que 3-hour waits then when you get in it lags you DC then another 3hour wait. Please do something about this. Maybe give free transfers but this is nuts. Some say in a few days it will be better but...it is not fair that I pay money for MoP then I cant play because 3000+ que and 3hour plus wait and must pray you dont DC or get stuck in a load screen. This saddens me please advise.
Oh, that's gotta suck! Sorry you're having such a yuck time :(

Hope the queue drops soon!
why in the hell are so many people allowed to make toons on a server to make people wait 3hours. I mean really this is nuts. It is like over selling movie tickets at a movie theater and thinking those stuck out side that will miss the movie should not be pissed. :(
Yes, it is kinda nuts. Possibly just an oversight.

How's that queue looking now? Not dropped back at all?
nope its still ganrly, im trying to xfer my toon off so i can actualy level it, however it has recieved mail, and thus can not be transfered until i log in.

Oh bugga!
Did you really not expect this?

Frostmourne is one of the most overpopulated servers in the game and it's been notorious of having really bad queue times from the last 2 expansions.

Anyone with half a brain would have realised this.
2hours 45min to go :(
15 minutes down...yayifications for you! (trying to help you be positive here lol)
<3 ya Morgana...but you know when you got a 3000+ que with 3 hours wait then you get in and because of super lag you DC then BOOM 4hour wait is bad...they need to give free transfers.
Clearly something needs to be done!
Community Manager

We're watching realm populations very closely. For those on high-population realms, your patience is appreciated. The fact is it's not wise for us to be incredibly hasty with free transfers. The game has been out less than a day. We're also in peak play times in the evenings. It's something we have to evaluate carefully as the number of concurrent players stabilizes over the week so that, if free transfer are needed, we can provide the service in the most effective way possible to/from the realms that need it.

5 hours ago

Wow so what they are saying is that me as a paying member of the WOW community that I should bear and endure 3000+ques 3-4 hour waits and if I dc due to full server lag and get another 4hour wait i need to suck it up and wait a week? Well...will I be refunded the time I could not play in my WOW subscription? If not how is that fair?

We could play 'I spy' if you like to help the time pass?
Tell you what, shalimarsway at hotmail dot com

and you can vent in there if you like :)
I know your pain but relax it'll get better. This always happens when new expansions are released, probably because many people who took a break from WoW (like myself) come back to the game. Shouldn't take longer than a week or 2 to stablize and I doubt it will always be the same waiting times during this period.
Same here, Kain.

Still waiting for my copy to arrive - which probably won't be til Friday.
I guess we could play that game.......urrm what was it? diab..something.
Expansions never go well in the first few days anyway. I'm pretty sure even if I could log on it would be struggle to see the quest givers through the swarm of other players.
You're right, Gobsmak.

Tic Tac Toe anyone? lol
this is soo bad

free transfers now.. k go

I SAID NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL @ Zorakoth

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