I'm sorry but windwalker pvp is horrid

Have you fought any hunters 1vs1? It's insane how much damage they do while kiting you lol.
We are the exact opposite of Dks on Wotlk. Monks are undertuned and need some work. Please leave if you can't be patient. If you did some research before MoP release you would know all of this already.
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Posting to agree. It's not the worst thing ever but out damage output on a single target is terrible. My monk just hit 60 and a really big rising sun kick is like 1500 after the 40% reduction. Blackout kick is a joke and the other jabs and whatever are so weak. The hardest hitting ability we have as windwalker is our damn spinning blossom. Go figure. Probably better off getting full chi, roll away for the 50% Dmg and spam spinning fire blossom then expel harm and do it a couple more times. Its absolutely retarded that a melee classes hardest hitting spell is a ranged spell.

Yeah. Our heals are garbage. On my 60 monk the blackout kick heal does like 150 healing...I have 8k HP....wtf is that gonna do?
From playknd the beta. The general consensus was that WW didnt seems to be the apec blizzard wanted to promot for pvpv at this point. When a class have an healing spec they seems to prefer focusing on it then working on the other. See Pal. druid and shm who had only their healing spec beeing viable for manu seasons.

WW just lack the tool requored for pvpv. No real CC. no a fair uptime but no ream burat wtc
with no way to get out of traps our mobility is CRAP! and betting blown up horridly after using the only 2 survival cooldowns and war stomp lol. it is pothetic, i live to play as a windwalker but it needs to be viable!

i didnt level as a brewmaster so now im a bit lost.
I'm only 61 and have had very little pvp so I wont comment on that. As I get higher in level and continue getting new skills and talents it's actually feeling a bit overwhelming for me. If people want to bash me because it's not easy that's fine. I've just noticed it's difficult for me to keep tabs on two resource pools, keep up the tiger power stacks, the rising sun kick debuff (which should be used as soon as off cooldown anyhow), and be aware of the heals and defensive abilities that not only have a cooldown, but a chi requirement and some of them a distance requirement as well. Anyhow I'm saying all of this because I can see it being difficult in the heat of battle to overlook a lot of these things. As for damage I wont know until I'm 90 but the numbers I'm seeing isn't looking good.
Going to have to agree with the OP on this one.

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