Bleeding Hollow
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09/28/2012 12:09 PMPosted by Bìbbles
You didn't even get my all but you will from here on out.

LOLOLOL the stupidity of this post is remarkable.

Hurrrr derrr durrr der der hurr hurr, derp.
09/28/2012 12:31 PMPosted by Boneerjams
Hurrrr derrr durrr der der hurr hurr, derp.

You don't get it...
09/28/2012 02:14 PMPosted by Yøùñgßîzzle

I think he may have down syndrome.
hey youngbizzle check out my most recent 1 v 2, and how i owned both of them

Ah it feels good to be able to post ponies on the forums again.

So..... my wow subscription runs out wednesday..... not really renewing it...


(inb4 oh daruss ur so hwat ill pay for it)

Oh you'll be back!
You'll miss these forums too much!

I hope :'(

Called it.
I didn't keep track of who I've killed, I've gotten 300 hks since tuesday though. Haven't died more than 8 times in ye olde world pvp.
^ SS or it didnt happen my collection, no order.
Good job Levercy, I see a couple IWCowards there
I do feel pro, funny how iwc cant 1 v 1....

@ big bad orc dude thats not even in iwc: shut up nerd

Haaaahahahahhah that is !@#$ing funny, considering someone from your guild attacked me yesterday, turned into a stag and ran away like a coward as soon as his health was low, then came back and killed me with 2 other people.

Nice 1v1 skills you got there ;)

Oh, and to add to that, i saw him again later and started attacking him, there was no one around but us. he ran away. Again.

Seriously, nice 1v1 skills plz teach them to me

My god you're retarded.

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