Have to play on both factions for meta? Wtf?

Pet Battles
I got all of the cities done solo and on this character. Yes, IF was hard but one can fly and I flew in toward the ironjaw pond to lose the guard aggro, then found one pet near the pond i was able to fight without guard's attention.

Got the achievement.

Got facerolled by 20 guards right after I left the battle.

Allies has it easier if you can fly, just drop in through sewer hole in UC. TB is also easy, there are a few spot on the ground (not up on the mesa where the city resides) that has pets and count as TB. Other cities are easier.
This thread went off topic really quickly with that one breakdown in communication.
How did it go off-topic?
09/27/2012 07:49 PMPosted by Lilfrier
How did it go off-topic?

Because many are talking about Big City Pet Brawlin' - Alliance/Horde which, while painful, is doable by characters on either faction.

The OP was talking about Taming EK/Kalimdor, which requires you to be Alliance/Horde to pick up the quests.
Ahh, I see. I DID have a heck of a time with that achievement in Undercity. The bats kept knocking me off of my mount before I realized that I didn't even have to go into the dang city to do it, haha. Spent almost 300G trying to manage a fight in there.
Trying as Horde to get into Ironforge but death has been my companion there, would anyone know of a sewer entrance or the like, or and easier entrance it is the last one I need for achievement.
09/27/2012 03:19 PMPosted by Adamishereto
just make a dk, problem solved.

worked for me!!!
Which ones other than this one require you to play both sides, though?

Want the title? Play a hordie. It's a META. Quit whining, go play the game.
Odd thread to necro.

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