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Ever since the server restarts this morning, I haven't been able to load into the game. I get to character select, try to log in, but the loading bar gets to about 10% and the client crashes.
Same problem, but mine doesn't crash at 10%....justs sits there (30 mins+). I have to force the shutdown...
I also am having an issue with the blue bar. It goes to 100% but then starts to flicker back and forth from what I'd say is 95% mark at the 100% mark and never lets me in the game.
I know some people's connection issues were resolved by power cycling and flushing of their DNS. Can y'all try this as well?

Power cycle network devices
    1. Unplug your modem and router (if you have one.)
    2. Let them set for 30-60 seconds.
    3. Plug them back in modem first, then the router.
    4. Test

Flush the DNS
    1. Navigate to /Applications/Utilities/ and launch Terminal.
    2. Copy/Paste the following:
    dscacheutil -flushcache3. Press return.
    Note: You will not get any feedback from Terminal if this is done correctly on any OS.
    4. Then go in your Network pref pane => Advanced and click "Renew DHCP lease"
    5. Attempt to connect to the game.

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