Old rares no longer rare.

Thanks a lot Blizz, for making some old rare beasts no longer rare model/skins in the game. Just stumbled upon some Green Shale spiders, making Jadefang a common skin now. That's pretty demoralizing for me, after spending that time and effort camping the spawn point. How many other pets will they make common, trivializing some of us that are dedicated in getting the unique ones??? Ugh.
If only WoW had some new uniques or something so you could continue to feel special by afk'ing in one spot with NPC scan on.
Old pets? How about the pets who used to have unique resistances or attack speeds? Ones that gave certain buffs? Even after all of that, how about Humar?

I got over it once they did that, now I just go for interesting tames, something that most people wont have. At least they only made a spirit beast of my beloved Grimtotem Spirit Guide, so I don't see that too often.
Lolz.. look up the new hunter tame challenges and grab one of those.
10/01/2012 09:17 PMPosted by Stalkings
Lolz.. look up the new hunter tame challenges and grab one of those.

This exactly. The only reason I really haven't is they aren't too unique in their looks or they don't fit my taste. Then again, I would like to try the one where you have to kite him all over, reminiscent of the Rhok'Delar days. ;D
Rare mob/pets were meant to be a treat to discover ( or hunt). They've been out long enough for people to feel "special". I have 4 Spirit Beasts ( Arcturis, Loque, Ankha and Skoll) and 4 of the Molten Front challenge pets (3 of the spiders and Skarr).

Why do you feel any less about having these pets, or that Blizzard has given different options for Hunters?
You should probally uninstall and unsub because anouther hunter has the same bow/gun/crossbow/xmog/pet/peice of loot/letter that you have in your name/race/class/spec/talent/skin/bags/pants that you do. It makes you no longer a special and invalidates your character existing.

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