S Priest vs. Warlock - Rolling new PvP

I'm just coming back to WoW, and I'm thinking of re-rolling. I've been playing this DK from the beginning of Wrath, so I'm thinking a caster might be fun. I heard that both S Priests and Locks got a big buff. Which one is better for BG PvP? Would it be better to stick DK? I haven't really paid attention to WoW in about a year, so I really don't know. Any help would be great. Thanks.
All depends what you want to do?

Arena PvP as DPS go with the Warlock; chain cc, constant damage pressure, crazy self healing

1v1 duel Warlock everytime

RBG Shadow Priest slightly better than locks imo easier to Mulitdot and you will never run out of mana

BG's It does not matter they both do well

I have not played srious PvP in a long long long time so don't take my word for it that is just how I see it.
I have an spriest and affliction lock and it's not even close imo. Spriest allllll the way. Especially after 5.0.... They have WAY more burst, better survivability, better talent choices IMO, and locks rely on dots 100%, spriests have great burst w/o dots and with them they keep constant pressure
I am having a BLAST as shadow priest right now. Also, who doesn't want shadowform? It looks so cool. Also with a minor glyph you can even make your companions use shadowform lol.
I think it may be to early to tell. Both have been good pvp choices in the past, with warlocks being a safer overall choice with a competent healer.
Good thing about priest too is if shadow isn't viable later on you can go healer spec instead.
Warlock. No way Blizzard leaves Shadow Priests alone through the entire expansion and as a lock, you will ALWAYS have a DPS spec that is viable in arena.

A couple tweaks by Blizzard, you might be stuck with a healer if you roll a priest.

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