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I attempted to transfer 2 of my high level characters to Velen today. One went through just fine, the other sat there for over 2 hours "Pending". I canceled the transfer, logged into the character and double checked there was no Mail, no Auctions and even left my guild just to make sure that wasn't the issue.

I then went back to the Free Character Migration and went to pick my high level character and he's not on the list at all. I logged into him and he's still on Area 52.

I'd really hate to have one of my high level characters on one server and my other one on another. And I won't pay to transfer him. This is the first day of the Free Character Migration and I hope to get this resolved before it's unavailable. Anyone else having issues with moving more then one character?
Update: After restarting my Web browser and clearing out my cache, then logging back into my account on, it showed my character again.

I am currently "Pending" for the free transfer. Will keep you all updated on the progress. The first transfer went through within 15 minutes.
Update #2: After posting that thread, the second attempt was successful. Now both high level characters are on a new realm.

Hooray! Feel free to close this thread.

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