There's no PvP power Jc specific gem - Why?

For the Jewelcrafter only gems there is no PvP power or PvP resilience gems which is a poor decision in the eyes of many players. Without PvP power/PvP resilience Jewelcrafter only gems many players will be forced to drop their Jewelcrafting profession for a better one[such as blacksmithing] if they want to have optimal stats for PvP. Will we see a change to this soon? I hope so.
ya plz fix this
JC was more of an outlier when it could make secondary stat gems, only JC and BS have ever been able to do that.

if its really consistency you want then you should be calling for BS to be unable to socket pvp power/resil in their BS sockets.
I think it would be better to give all professions the ability to get stats for pvp power/resil rather than just BS
also, in order to use jc-only gems you must take up a slot of a potential pvp power gem[non-jc specific ones], therefore having less pvp power than someone with say Alchemy while having the same intellect/etc.

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