Solid Nation Social Leveling Guild!

Emerald Dream
We are a social leveling guild looking to improve our ranks. We also are looking for officer rolls in the upcoming weeks to get us settled in for the grind ahead. We would like to get started on raids so we will be looking to get a raid group started. With all this new content and gear it would seem more realistic to finally get started on that. With that said we would like to get some pve players how would like to help us in the transition so those people will automatically start out in officer roll’s. Don’t worry pvp players I still love my pvp and I intend on getting to level 90 as soon as I can time wise with my already 85s so the arenas can start backup asap!
Feel free to stop in and give our guild a try, if it's not for you then it's not for you, but you'll never know until you try.
Amedamaru, the Shaman King
Solid Nation is now level 15 still looking for active members who would be interested in the guild.

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